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I hate having a mental illness I really hate it!

I hate everything about it I hate that everyone looks at me funny and that I can't just be myself because I am always scared that everything I do could be related to my supposed illness. I hate that I don't feel comfortable in my own body and mind. I hate that I can never trust what I am thinking and I hate that  I am never going to be ok. I hate all the opportunities I have lost and I hate that no matter what I do I will always have to struggle. I hate that I have lost so many friendships and that I am not able to be in a relationship. I just am so tired of it ruining every single thing in my life! I HATE ALL OF IT!!!!!!!  and it is stupid because I don't even know if I believe I have it ugh I don't know everything sucks. 


Re: I hate having a mental illness I really hate it!

Hi @Eden1717,

These are some really heavy feelings you are carrying at the moment and I am very grateful that you have opened up to share how you are feeling with us. It sounds like there have been so many different parts of your world that have been affected, and that's a really tough spot to be in. You mentioned that mental health has been having an impact on the way you feel about yourself and your relationships, and this is something I'm sure a lot of the community here can relate to. I know I can certainly relate to feeling this way before Heart I want you to know we are always here to listen Heart 


How are you going this morning? 


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