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Re: I have no motivation

Today and yesterday were better… I managed to fight the darkness and move forward a little… I am feeling like my friends don't care anymore, however at the same time I'm learning to like myself and my own company better… I spent so many years without friends that I think being alone and happy with myself is probably a better option then constantly trying to get love and acceptance from others

Re: I have no motivation

Hi guys… I went to counsellor appointment this morning… cried before I got there and spent first 15 minutes crying… she was ok… found out I'm extremely depressed, severely anxious and mildly stressed… felt good just to talk

Re: I have no motivation

I'm really glad to hear that MLJ! Crying can actually be good for you because it can release all sorts of stress and awful feelings.

And you know what? There's nothing wrong with spending time on your own. I spend a lot of time on my own. That's just the way some people are. And if you learn to be a bit more comfortable and accepting of yourself - then I think a lot of other things might fall into place for you Smiley Happy


Re: I have no motivation

I just don't feel I belong anywhere… anymore

Re: I have no motivation

When you feel like you don't belong anymore I think the best thing to do is try to get out amongst people, particularly some new people that you might not have hang out with before. It can be hard, but putting youreslf out there is the best way to start to make new mates. 

Re: I have no motivation

Hey Miss_Lil_J,

I can totally relate to this feeling... I like what Benny has suggested. Smiley Happy Getting out and meeting new people is a great way to feel more at ease with fitting in. It can be really challenging though!

Good luck. Smiley Happy

Me too!

I read through all your messages and I have to admit, it was amazing moving, I am currently in the same situation and wanted to give you a virtual hug, for your courage and inspiration to me, I'm also seeing a counsellor next week, BTW to past time and cheer you up have you tried listening to cheerful or have you tried anime, I just finished Avatar the last airbed 



Re: Me too!


Can I just say your story is very inspiring. Keep up the positive attitude and the drive to get better Smiley Happy
Like Nightsky said, you aren't alone, there are many community members who may also be going through something similar to you. Don't be afraid to ask for help. Especially don't be shy to return to the RO forums for some extra support. We are always here Smiley Very Happy