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Re: I just can't win :(

@MemphisBelle  it's too bad your didn't get those important drama tasks, I think you could really offer something and you sound so passionate. And yeah if you don't want to do anything to stand out in your last year of school, I totally understand.  Just remember to have a think about, beyond year 12, what the best ways of achieving your goals would be.  And keep up that drawing!


Sometimes doing a little extra pays hugely in leading to what you want. It sounds like you have something unique to contribute, as well as a passion for creativity, and it would be a shame to keep it hidden post-year 12! So perhaps you could have a think about what strategies your going to adopt to get through year 12, and then how you might change them once you graduate?  It can help to have 'tunnel vision' in year 12 (being completely task focused and ignoring anything outside your goals), but beyond that it can be a little bit limiting.


By the way, I completely understand your hesitation to go to the formal.  I begrudgingly decided to go to mine and didn't really enjoy it! 


As an aside - on a personal level I'm actually super-looking forward to you graduating, because I want you to experience how much better things get and how much life opens up!

Re: I just can't win :(

@tsnyder I totally agree. I also feel like trying to make friends now is too little too late. Even if I do, I will never see them again when school is finished. I don't know how keen they would be to see me again anyway, I know there are friends who stick close together after school but I really don't feel it's an option here.


That's why I don't like Drama anymore, I feel like I'm inadquate and useless compared to the other students. I wasn't even wanted when they were planning the production Smiley Sad


I have to go to work in a few minutes so I'll write another response a bit later, Thank you Smiley Happy


Re: I just can't win :(

@MemphisBelle  I hear you


All of those cliques and schoolyard politics drop off after year 12. I have a very small group of close friends that I keep in touch with, and what was previously drama doesn't much matter anymore.  Also, I deleted facebook, which vastly improved how I felt and separated me from social dramas and gossip. Trust that things do change for the better!


I think you have the strength and skills to do really well in year 12, and remember that everyone at the Reachout community has your back!  Don't let the other students get you down!  When you're feeling disheartened, remember to keep graduation in mind and how close you are to finishing, and then you're out of the school environment!  Do it for yourself!  By the end of the year I really want to hear that you're doing well - I think you have the tools to do so

Re: I just can't win :(

Hey realized I hadn't replied in a few days, I had a headspace appointment which was fine and I'm going away tomorrow for a week or two. Will post when I return