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I just want to scream!!!


So Im finding everything really hard, I'm in a relationship but it's not that healthy. My girlfriend hasn't told me everything. I constantly have anxiety attacks during school worrying about her and I can't handle it. I'm not focusing on my work, my grades are going down and I just want to smash everything and scream.

 I don't know what to do help me please?

Re: I just want to scream!!!

heya jman99


life sounds pretty tough for you at the moment and life's like that sometimes. 

it's great you got posting on here Smiley Happy

what do you like doing? do something that makes you happy.

i like music so making playlists is fun for me or making music on the piano

or i've done this activity once where you just write everything you want to say down on paper. 

just keep writing until you rkn you've had enough. it helps to just vent things

don't worry about spelling,grammar or whatever just write whatever comes to mind.

it's realli refreshing. even if it sounds a tad lame give it a go just for like 60 seconds.

you never know might help 

doesn't hurt to try


if you want to chat give kids helpline a call as well 1800 55 1800

very friendly and helpful people all the time Smiley Happy


stay in touch 

hope to see you round jman99







Re: I just want to scream!!!

Hey Jman99,


Can I just say I know how much anxiety attacks suck Smiley Sad Have you spoken you anyone about the situation you're in at the moment? The fact that you've posted on here is an awesome start, but I know that even though it can be kinda awkward at first, if you find the right person who you can trust it can really help to get things off your chest just by talking to them. If you don't feel comfortable talking to anyone in your life there's Kids Helpline which Fosterthepeople mentioned - I've found them to be an awesome support service (and I'm sure heaps of others on here could testify to that as well!)


If you haven't already there's some stuff on the site about dealing with tough times in relationships here which you might want to take a look at. Also, this may possibly be of some help about communicating with your girlfriend.


I find that when I have urges to self-harm, I use a lot of distraction techniques (it can be listening to music, writing, drawing, going for a walk, watching a movie, chatting to a friend, spending time with pets) They can sometimes take a bit of time to work though because they don't always offer that "instant" relief that self-harming gives, but in the long run they're a lot more effective in managing emotions.


Hope that this is of some help to you, and that things start looking up for you soon Smiley Happy



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Re: I just want to scream!!!

hey jman99,


I edited your post a little, so it fits the guidelines. I hope you understand. Smiley Happy

Things sound pretty hectic at the moment. Like you're overflowing with intense feelings. Sometimes, in those situations, the need for relief is very strong. It's really normal to look for anything that will help you get through. 

It's like how you say 'you just want to scream!'. Have you tried doing exactly that? I was once shown this trick where you go for a swim and scream your face off, underwater. It can really help take some of the pressure off.


And as Lokifish says, distraction can really work too. It may not provide immediate relief but if you keep trying it eventually those healthier ways of dealing with emotional stress end up helping you feel better, for longer.


Does any of this sound like it might help?

Re: I just want to scream!!!

hi guys


Um no NigioC i Havnt tried that yet but i have heard that it does some what work? Fosterthepeople, Im extreamly passionate for music , love hanging out with my mate and painting/sketching. My teacher has got me doing that i just have to sit there writing anything in my mind for 10 minutes. Lokifish, Nup havnt told anyone yet... Probally should tell my parents but i dont want them to worry about me, They have got enough stuff to worry about.


Cheers, jman99

Re: I just want to scream!!!


I'm wondering whether this relationship really is the right thing for you right now?

I totally understand how lovely it can be to be in a relationship and the want for such a thing.
However, all of the time you spend in one that ultimately makes you unhappy, is time you're not spending with someone who does ultimately make you happy.