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I’m Very Anxious



 I’m struggling A LOT with my anxiety at the moment and I feel absolutely horrible. I feel so numbe and disconnected from everything as though nothing around me is real. I don’t know what to do as I’ve tried everything I know to try to relax and nothing is helping. I’ve got a million thoughts running around in my head and they won’t stop. Is there anyone who knows how to help me? If so I need urgent help as I don’t feel in control of my brain and am very worried that I may do something to harm myself.


Re: I’m Very Anxious

Hi @MKayla the anxiety you're experiencing sounds really tough Smiley Sad Reaching out for support can take a lot of courage and I'm so glad that you have posted on ReachOut.


I noticed in your other posts that you are seeing a psychologist. How has that been for you?


Please call Kids Helpline or Lifeline if you are feeling like you need to talk with a counsellor now about what you are experiencing. Do you have any plans to harm yourself? 


Re: I’m Very Anxious

Hi @MKayla , having anxiety a lot definitely sucks and makes life even more difficult than it should be. I'm sorry that you're going through it, but we're glad that you're here opening up about it and trying to seek help. Smiley Very Happy Like may_ said though, you should seek out your psychologist/counsellor or the helplines to help you more effectively. You also mentioned that you feel so numb and disconnected and that nothing around you feels real. This is known as dissociation and you can do some techniques called grounding to put yourself back to reality. You can read more about it here. I hope this helps you and I hope you feel less anxious soon! Heart

Re: I’m Very Anxious

Hi @MKayla 


I just wanted to check in as i could really hear how tough this morning has been for you Heart. From reading a few of your posts I saw that you have previously been getting some support from a psychologist. Are you still speaking with them? You spoke about being really worried that you feel like you might harm yourself, are you safe right now?

If you are feeling like you need urgent help as some of the other members have suggested we really encourage you to contact Kids Helpline or Lifeline. 

Whats are some calming strategies that you have used before?


I also just had to edit your post as we are anonymous forum, check out the community guidelines here