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Re: I'm a poly drug addict/user

ok im coming in pretty late to this one but i think i can be of some help


im an ex stoner to some extent i was using about an ounce a week at the highest useage . so i know how it

is to be a high functioning indivisual on drugs and stuff like that . im pretty sober these days but i wont look

down on you and stuff


look the main problem is what this drug use is going to do to your physical and mental health . katemine and what

ever prescription drugs you are taking ( i can take a guess what ones ). is going to eventually raise your blood pressure and you could get really sick because of it . even though you dont have any medical conditions it just will become a factor down the road .


i think going to a gp would be the best thing you can do . get some prespective on things on your substance taking and stuff . then eventually see where you are mentally as well .


ok and im also worked and working in the youth work field . as un believeable as it sounds confidentiality is insanely tight . ive seen two co workers in different jobs lost there job for breaking it . the profession takes it insanely seriously and by law we are only allowed to break confidentiality if your going to kill someone . and even then were only allow to tell the person your going to kill


so i hope this helps