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Re: I'm feeling overwhelmed (could be triggering)

Hey @hmm789 we're all here to support you on the forums, you're so resilient and are doing incredibly well with all of this. I edited your above post as we can't post method of self harm on reachout, you can read about this in the community guidelines. Have you used any of the free services such as KHL webchat/phone (they work with 14-25 year olds)? SCBS are 24/7 and free, are also really good at managing self harm and suicidal ideation. Just a reminder these services are totally confidential unless you are at risk of ending your life or hurting someone else.

In terms of accessing a psych, is there a school counsellor or GP you can see solo? They may be able to sort something for you that is free. Let us know Heart

Re: I'm feeling overwhelmed (could be triggering)

Sorry @Bree-RO I will remind myself of your guidelines before I click post next time Smiley Happy


Thankyou for those links I will check them out.