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Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@Bananatime04  I’ve tried eheadspace, and kids helpline, but they didn’t really help, I’m just going thru a rough place Rn, I’ll get better I hope

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

Would you consider seeing someone for face to face support?

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

Hi @Cheeseburger, I'm sorry you're feeling so down. Smiley Sad You're definitely not a failure. You can't please everyone in life and that's okay. You will always make friends throughout your life. This is just a challenge rather than an obstacle.

I was wondering whether you can try one of the apps reviewed on the ReachOut website in the 'Tools and apps' section. There is a quiz that can point you towards the ones that are best suited to you. They might be able to teach you ways of feeling better. I don't think it's on the website but I have been using a free app called Woebot which has helped me recognise thinking errors and change the way I feel and think about events that make me sad. You might have to be 18+ to use it though.

Like all of the other challenges you've faced, I know you'll conquer this one! Heart

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@Bananatime04 nah I’m scared of seeing them face to face, idk why but it scares me, what I need Rn is to be with my boyfriend, I have to wait until January until u can be with it, it’s hurting so much that I can’t be with him rn🤕😭 I’ll get thru this one day at a time hopefully, I just wish I had more friends🤕😪

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@WheresMySquishy  I’m having a ok day today, I guess, i feel ok emotionally, physically I’m tired, I’m tired of pretending to my “friends” that I’m ok when I’m not, I smile just so I don’t need to explain what I’m going thru, it’s hard explaining it to ppl who just fucking talk about u behind ur back (sorry about language) but yea I’m having a ok day today, but Ik it’s not gonna last, bcuz Ik for sure that I’m a failure at most things but that’s just bcuz my brains under developed to most kids my age, a lot of ppl don’t understand it, mostly I zone out when ppl are asking me questions about it.



im looking forward to seeing my nephew for Easter, I brought him a Easter egg, and also what I wish I could do right now I’d be with my boyfriend, I wish I could spend Easter with him, but I can’t. And that hurts that I can’t🤕😭



he told me that me that he wants me there for his 16th birthday next year, and I told me I’ll try my hardest to try and be there with him, he also told me he wants to be here with me on my 18th birthday, and I told him that I would love him to be but I also don’t want my 16 year old boyfriend flying over here by himself, as I worry about him, he’s so special to me that I don’t want anything to happen to him, bcuz he does live so far away from me and I won’t be able to talk to him for a while, but one thing is for sure, I can’t wait to be with him, I deserve it as all my other relationships were horrible and I feel different about this guy to all the other guys I’ve been with.



I even told him about everything I’ve been thru, and how bad I was, before I met him, he’s the reason I wake up everyday with a smile on my face everyday.



But 2 of my ex boyfriends have been tormenting me and asking me to be theirs again, and I told them that I’m taken forever. Also I really miss my pop and my best friend as there no longer here to celebrate Easter and it hurts, I would literally do anything just to have one more day with my pop and best friend 😭🤕 I guess I’ll never get the chance again to be with them🤕😭

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@Cheeseburger  I'm glad you're having an 'ok' day. Who knows, maybe the day might end up getting better after all. I really hope so!

I love seeing my extended family on Easter too! Maybe you and your boyfriend can do something else together instead? Sometimes I play games with people online when I can't see them face to face.

Your relationship inspires me! It seems to be really healthy. I think it's natural to worry about each other and shows how much you two care about each other.

Are you able to block your ex boyfriends from contacting you? Eventually, they'll probably get the message.

It's sad when we can't be with loved ones on special occasions. Smiley Sad I know that some people have special traditions to honour the loved ones that can't be there, such as lighting a candle for them, putting their photo on a table, saying a prayer for them, or writing a letter to them.

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@WheresMySquishy mine and my boyfriend are determined to make our relationship last and when we have a problem we talk thru it instead of giving up on it, we’re still madly in love with each other, and I can’t wait until the day I break the distance 🥰🥰😁 it’s gonna be the best day of my life. My boyfriend told me that no matter what obstacles we face we’re gonna get thru it, I also believe that there was a reason why I was lucky enough to get with him.


i believe my best friend saw I was struggling and knew I needed to be loved by someone who will love me a lot, and he’s the reason why I wake up everyday, without my boyfriend I wouldn’t care anymore, (which is a bad thing bcuz when I stop caring about things it’s bad) but he makes me smile even when he don’t even send me silly pictures of himself🥰🥰 he also sent me a picture of his dog, and he put on it: our son when we get married🥰🥰❤️❤️, I always tell everyone that he’s got the key to my heart


I blocked both of my ex boyfriends, but they still find a way to contact me, Idk how they don’t know that I have a boyfriend, when I post about him a lot, all my social media accounts, but apparently they don’t know I have one.


well I was fine until I forgot to take my nighttime medication🤕 so instead of me sleeping I’m wide awake waiting for it to work.


I usually pray and thank god for looking out for my pop and my best friend on Easter, as I’m there always by my side, I might be able to see them but Ik their there, I always miss them this time every year bcuz my best friend should still be, as he died when he was 10 he eWorld be 17 in November, my pop should still be here too, but I guess they won’t be

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

Hey @Cheeseburger

It's so lovely to hear that you have found such a good support person in your boyfriend. It's really sweet that you found someone who knows how to cheer you up when your sad. How did you guys meet? you mentioned that your 1 month anniversary was recently. 


That's also really lovely that you use this holiday to think about those close to you who have passed away Heart 

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@Andrea-RO  I met my boyfriend online but not a dating site it was thru mutual friends, I was in a group chat with him for about 2 maybe 3 weeks, before I admitted I was in love with him, but 1 one week of that I was actually in a relationship with a ex I went back to, and if it wasn’t for this friend who told me it was now or never that I admitted I liked him he might be gone from me forever, I didn’t wanna admit I liked him bcuz: when it comes to telling guys I like them I get turned down so many times that, it hurt to me, (but I now know my boyfriends different) he still makes me fall in love with him all over again, everyday, he has a funny way of smiling and it makes me laugh, but he can bring my mood to a better mood then, I was in, like today I hadn’t been able to to talk to him all day which actually hurt like crazy, but as soon as he got home he talked to me until he fell asleep, I was upset today as I wanted to be with him, and not being able to talk to him, made it worse, I felt like I was missing something🤕😭 but I’m just so happy to have him, and I’m so scared to lose him as Ik I’m easy to replace (other guys have told me that I am)


I always remember my pop on this day bcuz he was the greatest pop alive (to me anyway) my best friend was the most special person in my life up until he passed away 7 years ago, sometimes I wish he didn’t have to go bcuz at times I need him, but I have my old best friend back😁 but I also call my boyfriend: my best friend, my boyfriend, my world and my life bcuz that’s what he is 🥰🥰, I’ve never felt this way towards a guy before that I feel towards my boyfriend, I know one thing is for sure I’m not gonna lose him bcuz he’s just in love with me as I am in love with him🥰🥰

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@Cheeseburger sorry I haven’t replied in a while.. I haven’t been in the best place to support people.
How are you going today?