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Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@mspaceK I’m doing ok I guess 💔🤕😭 not really sure anymore, found out that I only have 2 ppl (besides my family) who actually care about me, and that’s my boyfriend and my best friend, I feel so alone Rn, I don’t know what to do Rn 😢🤕😭 it’s hurting me more and more everyday the msgs I keep getting, and I got prove if someone spreading rumours about me 😭💔🤕😢 I stopped sleeping with one of my Teddy’s but Ive started sleeping with him again (Ik it’s weird I’m 16 and I sleep with Teddy’s) but this one bear I hadn’t slept with for a month but now that I have it back I sleep soundly again

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

Hi @Cheeseburger
I'm sorry to hear that you've been going through this Smiley Sad
I'm so glad that you have your boyfriend and best friend but finding out those kinds of things can be hurtful, I've definitely experienced that in the past as well.
Is there anything you can do at the moment to do some self-care?

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@missep  Rn I’m watching a movie in Netflix waiting for my best friend to msg me, and waiting for my boyfriend to come back online so I can say goodnight before I go to bed, bcuz I always have to do that or I do sleep. I miss my boyfriend like crazy I wish he was here💔😞 soon I’ll be with him hopefully 🤞🤞


The thing about my best friend is that I can’t hide anything from him, he knows when I’m faking something, and he asked me if I was in, I sent: yea.....😞 he said that means ur not and I want u to know ur not alone u have me and ur boyfriend, but the hardest thing is that my boyfriend dislikes my best friend 😞😞

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

That is so awful that people are spreading things about you @Cheeseburger . No one deserves to have to deal with that. I'm really sorry people are doing this to you. 


I am so happy you have your boyfriend and best friend who care and support you right now. I know it doesn't feel like it right now because of the way people are treating you - but I can promise you that there are more people who love and care about you. <3 especially here at RO. I used to think the same thing in high school for a while until little things that I'd been ignoring i began to see. Like a little wave or smile from a teacher. Or a dog wagging its tail to see me. 


Aww. I love that you sleep with a Teddy Smiley Very Happy i have this teddy that i used to sleep with only a year ago...and im 23 haha. It's nice taking comfort in the small things. Like a teddy <3 


I don't want to delve into it too much if it is a bit distressing - but have you been able to report the messages people are sending you? Also I'm wondering over what platform they are sending you these messages. And if there are ways you can block them? I know it is hard but I often find that not responding and ignoring them can help take their value and meaning away. If you can't see them - they can't hurt you kind of thing. 


What are you doing tonight? 

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@Cheeseburger I'm glad you're watching a movie on Netflix at the moment, that's one of my go-to's for making me feel a bit better Smiley Happy Your boyfriend sounds very supportive and like you said there's definitely hope to be with him soon!
Your best friend sounds very supportive as well! I'm sorry to hear that your boyfriend doesn't like him though Smiley Sad

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

I'm driving home now so I won't be able to respond for at least 20 minutes @Cheeseburger 



Just tagging @xXLexi_Lou122Xx so they know too. 

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@mspaceK This person whose spreading these things about were suppose to be my friend, and they told me I was like a sister to them, but now they blocked me and hate me and think it’s funny to talk about me behind my back😭💔🤕


Thx for the support from u guys, it means a lot that I can talk to youse about what’s going on. I’ve seen some things like when I’m out in public little kids smile at me😊😊


Ive had this teddy since I was 9 months old and honestly he’s been every where with me, he’s had a lot of holes in him thru out the years ☺️☺️ But my Mum fixed him for me😊😊☺️☺️


Ive been reporting these ppl, but they keep making fake accounts, and I don’t know who they are so I accept there request to msg me and when I do I regret it, like today I was in a group chat until someone lied about ruining his car (he was trying to impress me) but he kept removing me from the group then adding me back then talking about me behind my back, and then it got to the point where I went off at the person who kept adding me back, but it still didn’t stop there until my boyfriend got involved to stand up to him and now I don’t need to worry about him anymore, the guy won’t msg me again, but it’s on Facebook, sometimes Instagram and TikTok😞😞


im currently waiting for my best friend to msg me, and my boyfriend to come online so I can say goodnight to him, bcuz if I don’t say goodnight to y boyfriend I won’t be able to sleep 😢

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

@missep my boyfriend is very supportive, and really cares about me (first guy to ever have besides my best friend) although he’s over 16,000 kms away from me, where making it work, only thing that hurts the most is when he ignores me😞💔😭


Idk why him and my best friend don’t get along but I wish they did but I guess I can’t always have it my way (even tho everything I try and do fails)

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

Hi @Cheeseburger . I'm home and here to talk!


That made me smile when you wrote that little kids smile at you Smiley Happy That captures my heart - the innocence of young children and their happy and excited faces! 


It is utterly disgraceful on the bully's part that they would go to all that effort to make fake accounts and do that just to contact you and get a reaction. It is very immature and genuinely a personal cyber attack. It is cyberbullying Smiley Sad Do you know much about Cyberbullying? I just did a little research and found these interesting articles about it to understand it a bit more and they have some suggestions on how to manage it too. If you feel like you are up to reading about it, here are the links :

 What is Cyberbullying?

 Strategies for Cyberbullying

5 Steps for talking about CB



In the mean time though - in my personal experience of cyber safety - I would NEVER, under any circumstances, add someone who I do Not know. And if they happen to have a name of someone I think I know, I do not accept them until I have spoken to them in real life. Things tend to get out of hand very quickly online and people will go to any means to troll people in order to have a bit of fun. 


That "friend" who blocked you and is talking about you behind your back does not sound like a friend at all. Perhaps it is a good thing that you are not able to talk to them right now considering they have nothing nice to say. But I am really sorry that they are talking about you behind your back Smiley Sad That is not fair. I'm sorry. 

Re: I’m not ok, I’m really struggling and upset/need help

Hey @mspaceK @I feel like I’m losing my boyfriend, I randomly got jealous with him for talking to this girl and I kinda didn’t mean to, I’ve never really gotten jealous about a guy before but today I did as I felt like I was losing him every time he stopped talking to me. Ik I shouldn’t worry about it, but I do bcuz of how many times I’ve been hurt, but he promised me that he was never leaving me



On a brighter note I didn’t get any bullying today 🙂🙂 which is good, I also got my best friend and my boyfriend to be friends 😊😊😁😁 Rn I’m tired but I can’t sleep I’m too happy that I got my best friend and boyfriend to talk and be nice to each other