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I'm possibly suffering from a mental illness

I'm afraid that i might be schizophrenic. Over the course of the last year i've been experiencing a voice in my head, taking over my actions when it appears. It's always telling me smart things, but in the meanwhile sometimes bad things. Noone has noticed that I've been behavouring oddly, except for myself. One night, when sitting in my room playing guitar i even started speaking out loud. I did not think at all during this, i were just listening to my own voice speaking someone elses mind. He was telling me that life in it's core is worth nothing, not mine, not others. That pain isn't real, and nor are happiness. That I'm not really inside my body, I'm just sitting somewhere far from here, looking out through it's eyes, safe and distanced from every feeling. This was when i really got scared that i might be sick. I'm afraid to tell anyone because if I'm diagnosed then it might ruin a lot of oppertunities in my later life. My friends might take distance to me because of it, and my girlfriend likewise. I'm 17, I'm good socially and I'm getting good grades. I can't ever concentrate and I'm easily distracted , wich as far as I've read also is a symptom for this disease. Also for the last few years I've experienced depressions on and off.


Please please please, give me advice. I have a lot to loose, and i don't know who to talk to.
PS. English is not my first language so sorry if there's any errors.

Re: I'm possibly suffering from a mental illness

Hi Anders

You should be really proud of yourself for postiong here about what you've been experiencing and it's OK to be worried - sounds like a pretty scary situation. I really want to reassure you that there could be a range of reasons for the voice you are hearing and honestly - the sooner you take action on it, the sooner you'll have some answers and some ideas on how to deal with it. I understand that you're worried about being diagnosed and what that might mean for you future, but not going to the doctor won't stop the voices and I do think that keeping this to youself will have a bigger impact on your future opportunities than getting something done about it.


There is lots of stigma around mental illness and there are many people living with a managable mental health issues - including ones with voices - and you just wouldn't know it to look at them because they are able to manage it with treatment. The stereotypes associated with schizophrenia are far from the reality and I really encourage you to talk to someone about it.  You can even do it anonymously with Headspace.


In the meantime have a read of this story from another young person who experienced voices, who now have the voices under control. You can also have a read of our factsheet on schizophrenia as you'll see that there is a lot more symptoms than just hearing voives for it to be schizophrenia - and there are many other reasons you could be experiencing auditory hallucenations (voices). Check it out here:


Thanks for posting Anders, and please contact Headspace and chat to one of their counsellors about what you have been experiencing - you might find that the answers are not as scary as you think they'll be.


Cheers, and take care

Online Community Manager

Re: I'm possibly suffering from a mental illness

you are not hearing voices they are just your thoughts which is normal. schizohrenics or people suffering psychosis hear voices that dont come from inside their head they are like from outside of their they see things and act weird.singing to music isnt strange behaviour.none of that behaviour sounds strange.i really dont think you have schizophrenia and i also know that a symptom that you DONT have schizophrenia is asking if you have schizophrenia e.g. if you think you have schizophrenia you dont.

Re: I'm possibly suffering from a mental illness

hey Anders,


I think it's really great that you have found the courage to come to Reach Out and seek some feedback regarding this. It can be very scary when something like this happens and that can make asking for help difficult.

I agree that it's really important to get some professional help. Sometimes it can seem like the worst possible outcome is a diagnosis, but, I believe that suffering unnecessarily is much worse. Please try and talk to someone, it can make a huge amount of difference.

I think I understand what Thisishalloween is saying, sometimes people can get so lost in their mental illness that they can no longer work out what is reality and what is fantasy, so they don't even think to question what's happenng to them. This is usually when people have had a menal illness for a long time, untreated, and often with other aspects that can exacerbate their illness, like substance abuse etc. So please, don't think that questioning what is going on is proof that you don't need to speak to a professional about it. 

I always think that whenever anyone feels any kind of uncertainty about what's going on in their mind, it's a good time to get some professional support.

Let us know how you go. Smiley Happy

Re: I'm possibly suffering from a mental illness

You might have misunderstood me, I wasn't singing. I was talking, I did not play in the meanwhile, just speaking. But I thank you, I'm glad to hear that i might not suffer from schizophrenia.

Re: I'm possibly suffering from a mental illness

Hey Anders, great to hear back from you - have you thought about talking to someone about what's been going on?

Online Community Manager

Re: I'm possibly suffering from a mental illness

Yes, I'm strongly considering talking to one of my teachers at my school about it. I have a good relationship to her, and she is, in my country, not allowed to speak of it to others because I'm a student of hers. Also in my eyes she's very clever and good with dilemmas.

Re: I'm possibly suffering from a mental illness

That's great Anders. Smiley Happy

Let us know how you go with that.

Re: I'm possibly suffering from a mental illness

Hi Anders. I agree with the commentary that you should reach out for help, and perhaps talk to your teacher. If you find this too difficult, or you’re afraid of the consequences of telling her you might have Schizophrenia, perhaps rather start the conversation with something like this: I am feeling quite stressed and very down lately, could we possibly talk about the thoughts and feelings I experience? I’m sure the teacher will be able to distinguish if there is a bigger problem and guide you from there.


Don’t be too hard on yourself; you are in a period of your life which is especially difficult to maneuver. You have school performance stress, romantic and familial expectations to fulfill, personal identity choices to make, etc. All of this is a lot to deal with, and perhaps you are simply experiencing anxiety symptoms related to this stress. Here are a few tips to help you in managing this period of your life and improve your mental health in general. I hope this helps and wish you all the best!