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I'm really sad help

I'm really sad, all the time. 

My Mum is judgemental and I'm terrified of her. I don't know what to do. I cried in front of my counsellor and I didn't get the mark I wanted on my French test. My friends aren't being helpful. Everything is confusing. I don't know what I can do. Everything is just awful and I can't cope. I cut for the first time the other day. Everything is so confusing right now.

I want to give up.

I've been feeling this for months.


Re: I'm really sad help

hi suga cookie



welcome !

life at the moment seems really tough for you and i can't imagine the struggle.

hopefully you have a special someone who is able to support you and provide some comfort. 

it's great that you're seeing a counsellor who i'm sure is trying their best to help. 


i know the disappointing feeling when you don't get the mark you want on a test.

but don't give up ! 

there are plenty of opportunities for you to get good marks in the future.



have you tried taking a good 10 minutes to meditate or jot down your feelings on paper.

it might help to clear some of the thoughts.


there are many people on here who have gone through what you're going through and can definitely give you some tips.



i think you're strong for having the courage to ask for help.


many people struggle to do that because it's so confronting.

keep posting if you feel that helps.

someone's always listening and here for you. 

if you do ever need to talk to anyone immediately you are most welcome to give Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800

they're free as well which is a bonus.


if you'd like something to read for some tips here's a few fact sheets





Re: I'm really sad help

Hey Suga,


It sounds like everything is feeling overwhelming and just too much at the moment. That nothing is going your way right now.


What is really encouraging is that you have recognised this and are seeking help. When you feel like this, the best thing is to connect with others and share your anxieties and problems. You've already been given some great options for seeking help and I really strongly suggest you follow them.


I also thought I'd post you a link to some information on self-harm:  This page is a great starting point for getting information on self-harm and also some strategies on how to manage and avoid it.


I hope this helps. 





Re: I'm really sad help

Hi Suga cookie,

Sorry to hear it's all been so rough for you. Sometimes it just gets to that point where it's so overwhelming. It's great your seeing the counselor. Maybe you could ask her to help you implement coping strategies into your life when it all gets too much. It's good to have the support there to keep you on top of it and motivated.

Now with the mark. I understand where you are coming from. My psych tells me I need to learn to be okay with not reaching my expectations. And it's helping, my expectations aren't so high anymore because I know it actually really doesn't matter where I sit in the class, but whether or not I know I did the best I can possibly do and did all that I could to prepare. There's satisfaction in that.

Let us know how you go. Smiley Happy

Re: I'm really sad help

Hey suga_cookie - how's your week been? I'm wondering if you can talk to your Mum, do you think she realises you're terrified of her? Maybe you can write her a letter?

Re: I'm really sad help

Hi Suga Cookie,

I think everyone before me has managed to give you all the information that you will need to start getting help with you're problems and as someone who has dealt with self harm, depression and the feeling of being completely out of my depth I thought I would give you some advice that has worked for me:


1. Don't stress about the things that you can't control, the only thing you can do in regards to them is change the way you feel about these negative things. by this I don't mean that you should look upon your friends being unhelpful as a good thing but rather remind yourself that you do have this forum and a counsellor who you can go to for help and your friends can help by simply distracting you from what is worrying you.


2. In regards to feeling overwhelmed i find meditation helps a lot and with some practice (I've had months) you can condense it so that you can reach a less stressful state in a matter of seconds... in brief try calm deep breaths and as you exhale tell yourself that your left arm is warm and once it feels warm tell yourself it is heavy (you have to imagine it) and continue for all body parts until you are calm or at least distracted enough to cope.


3. Cutting is not a good thing but it was described to me as a form of expression that you use when you feel that you cannot explain or comprehend your feelings. that said it can be far more serious when suicidal thoughts are smashing up your head as well but I would suggest doing some sould searching (in the form of writing so that you don't go in circles like a tend to do) and hopefully once you figure out the root of the problems whether it is a chemical imbalance or a specific external pressure you can focus of finding a way to excorsise it in a more healthy way.


i feel that I may be rambling so I won't go on unless you would like me too,
 and i hope I didn't just go overload you with information.


keep up the fight!

Benny C