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Re: I'm screwed-need to learn to do this on my own

Hey @Creativegirl12  we're all here for you buddy! It's good to hear from you again


It sucks to hear you are having such a rough time at the moment, but don't sell yourself short, I believe your made of much tougher stuff than you credit yourself with!  (I remember thinking that from past posts)  It sounds like you might be feeling quite isolated at the moment, so I wanted to remind you that you aren't alone and we all have your back (personally, I'm always happy to see you back on the forum!).


Also try not to get frustrated with yourself for feeling bad - it's only going to make you feel even worse.  I know how much you are probably wishing that you didn't feel like crap both physically and emotionally at the moment, but I think that you will tackle this and get through it because I have seen your strength and persistence displayed in past posts! All humans experience negative emotions and feelings, so by no means is it your fault or a reflection on your character for feeling this way sometimes.  By the way, these negative experiences are helping to make you so much stronger, more empathic and understanding, and I think it's such a testament to your character how you persist through!


Is there any activity you can engage in right now for a bit of escapism? When I'm not feeling good I like to put on my headphones (Sia is one of my faves) and go for a walk (especially when the sun is out!).  What is your favourite food? If I were you I'd buy a vanilla slice and indulge


It sucks to hear your not feeling good right now but I was super glad to see you back in the forums, you have so much to contribute! Let us all know how things are progressing




Re: I'm screwed-need to learn to do this on my own

@Topaz I called up yesterday, I felt a little bit better. Had to call up again today. But I feel ruined, and its almost time to return to my parents. I don't want to waste money. I can't afford screwing up, and ending up in hospital. I really don't think my parents will understand. I've just sort of lost myself. I've been told, that if I can't look after myself, that's where I am headed. I want to be functional, and have the ability to be a better person. But sometimes, I feel hopeless in correcting my mistakes. So then, I feel the urge to escape from it all. I can be overwhelmed with guilt and hopelessness. But I guess I just have to do the best I can to keep myself going, a part of me wants to keep going.

@tsnyder, I think you're right, I'm feeling pretty isolated, even with other people in my life. I listen to music, read, watch movies for enjoyment. They don't require as much energy as a lot of things do.