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Re: I'm so angry at this one person all the time

Oh that's totally fine. Having a shower is good, it's like a fresh start.
If you have a fave podcast or songs without lyrics, they can be really good
to have on in the background to calm you down before bed (whale noises are
not my jam, lol). I listen to podcasts and audiobooks to get to sleep
(hilarious but IKEA made a sleep podcast and it's amazing), I make sure my
sheets are nice and clean and I sometimes use the Smiling Mind sleep
meditation if nothing else is working. If there's something on my mind that
I can't stop thinking about, writing it out on a piece of paper and then
scrunching it up and throwing it away works well for me. Once it's on paper
it kind of takes away its power. Sending you sleepy and peaceful thoughts.
“Your now is not your forever."
― John Green, Turtles All the Way Down