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I'm so overwhelmed

I'm having a really bad day. Smiley Sad 


I can't stop crying and I'm home alone. Work was so stressful and shit this morning. There were so many problems I had to try and diffuse and manage staff not dealing with situations properly.


And I found out a close family relative died yesterday around lunchtime and I think it's finally hit me because I'm so sad and stressed. 


My chest hurts so much and I have to keep reminding myself to breathe. I was supposed to spend the afternoom with my boyfriend but he made other plans last minute and I was really looking forward to seeing him. I'm having dinner with him thankfully. 


But I feel so alone and stressed. Everything is just going shit again. I can't deal with this :'(


Please help me Smiley Sad I'm having a really bad day. Full on emotional breakdown like sobbing it's ridiculous. 

Re: I'm so overwhelmed

@mspaceK I'm so sorry that's all happened...

Is there anything you need at the moment?

Re: I'm so overwhelmed

Hey @mspaceK, I second what @Tiny_leaf has said, I'm sorry to hear about your close family relative's passing and your struggles lately Smiley Sad. I also second @Tiny_leaf's question on whether or what you need anything at the moment? Did you end up having dinner with your boyfriend? Sending hugs <3

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Re: I'm so overwhelmed

@mspaceK  I'm sorry you had such a bad day and about your relative's passing. Smiley Sad I can tell you're going through a lot right now.

Thinking of you. Heart

Re: I'm so overwhelmed

Hi @mspaceK Heart I'm so sorry to hear of your family friends passing, knowing someone who has passed away is a very intense, strange experience and feeling, and grief will come in waves, good days and bad days. I know a couple of days ago was a bad day but I hope your day today is better. Having all that work stress and your boyfriend making other plans would also add to the loneliness and stress you feel, and I'm sorry you had such a shitty day, but you should be so proud of yourself that you jumped on here to share your feelings.
Please always remember that having crying/sobbing episodes is okay, sometimes our body even needs them. 
If you ever feel like you need more advice about grief I have linked a RO article about grief below:
Hope today is a better day for you, we are here if you need Heart

Re: I'm so overwhelmed

I'm sorry for not really replying. I'm not feeling the best lately. I'm kind of seriously hating everything Smiley Sad


@Jane_Rose @WheresMySquishy @Esperanza67 @Tiny_leaf 

Re: I'm so overwhelmed

@mspaceK that's okay, I'm sorry to hear you aren't feeling great...

I'm not entirely sure how to help, but I'm here if you want to talk about anything.

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Re: I'm so overwhelmed

I don't really know what I need Smiley Sad but I'm seeing a person at headspace next week and hopefully that will help @Tiny_leaf . In the mean time I am so stressed. 

Re: I'm so overwhelmed

@mspaceK is there anything you're stressed about in particular, or is it just.. everything atm?

Re: I'm so overwhelmed

mainly the tightness in my chest and feeling down @Tiny_leaf .I am stressed about a few things but maybe it's best not to go into them too much right now.