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Re: I'm so unhappy and can't sleep

Could you tell me how to fall asleep quickly? I`ve even been following certain rules lately while I am awake. I try to go to bed and get up at the same time. However, it doesn`t help me at all. There is a variant to buy pills, but if this does not cause addiction then? Whether it is necessary to rely on drugs at all. Or maybe I should go to a psychologist?

Re: I'm so unhappy and can't sleep

Hey @fmoosk. Part of it depends on why you can't get to sleep. Seeing a psychologist is one option, and I'd also suggest seeing a gp.


One thing that a lot of people find useful is sleep hygiene, which might be worth looking up. It talks especially about what to do before going to bed that can help with sleep.


On medications, there are a few different drugs that can help with getting to sleep.

Sedatives/ depressants might be addictive, but your doctor should give you instructions on how to avoid that. If you start developing a tolerance to them, it's important to speak to your doctor about it.

Another kind of medicine is called meletonin, (though I've probably spelled that wrong...)

Your brain produces this to help you sleep, so the tablets just kinda supplement your natural sleep hormones. Obviously I'm not a medical professional though, so if you want to try either kind of medication or get more options you'll need to find a doctor who can explain everything in more detail. 


One other thing, some of the forum members have said that ASMR videos really help them with getting to sleep, so that's something else you may want to look at.