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I'm starting to wonder why I'm still here

I've been dealing with depression since I was 17, now I'm 20. I sought treatment and got better at 18, and de-stabilised at 19. I don't want to need help forever, I don't want to need therapy forever either. Plus, my sessions with the psych are going to come to an end, I have two more sessions till I'm done for this year.

Re: I'm starting to wonder why I'm still here

Hey there @Creativegirl12 …


It must seem a bit daunting, the position you're in… having de-stabilised and wondering if this is something you're going to have to deal with forever. The lack of certainty can be frustrating.


The reality is that it varies for everyone. Some people might have to deal with it forever; others are lucky enough that they stabilise and mostly stay that way.


Things may seem pretty dark right now but there's plenty to be positive about. You've succeeded before and I'm sure it's something you can achieve again. And all of us are here to talk with you and support you.


With the two sessions left this year, have you asked your psych about alternatives you can use in the meantime until next year? It might be worth talking to them about a program to help you self-help when they're not available. Is this a possibility?

Re: I'm starting to wonder why I'm still here



I can understand where you're coming from. Perhaps developing some coping skills would be useful for you, and help boost some confidence towards a more independent self.


Here's a link to an article from ReachOut, and hopefully it will give you something useful to implement into you're current situation.


Additionally, it might be worthwhile talking through some coping strategies with your psych. 

Re: I'm starting to wonder why I'm still here

I can try find alternatives like self help. Even though my psych is happy with the progress I'm making, but it's still hard and it's taking forever. I've considered other ways of dealing with tension and came up with a list. But then I'm like is it ever enough in the end?

Re: I'm starting to wonder why I'm still here

There are some big positives here @Creativegirl12  - your psych is happy with your progress and you have thought about self help and techniques for relieving tension. What's on your list for that?

Re: I'm starting to wonder why I'm still here

Slow breathing
Distracting myself-e.g. Watch a movie
Challenge thoughts
Socialising with people
Take a walk.

Re: I'm starting to wonder why I'm still here

Hey @Creativegirl12 good list, a little walk can do wonders for me. I also like taking a nice long shower or bath and a cup of tea is helpful too Smiley Happy


I know this is really hard for you and has been a while. It took me years to properly deal with the issues I was facing too. And lots of hard work- and it's clear you're doing that now. I know you've heard this a million times before, but things can and will get better. Try to forgive yourself when things don't go according to plan. And stick with your awesome techniques Smiley Happy

Re: I'm starting to wonder why I'm still here

Hey @Creativegirl12 sorry to hear that you are going through such a rough patch. When you are in such a bad place you feel as though nothing can make it better but that is defintely not the case. As soon as you are able to find a way to deal with the negative feelings and develop a coping mechanism you will feel so much better. I really like the list of self help techniques if you try implementing them see how they can impact you and make you feel. 


Good luck with everything and just remember if you were able to deal with your depression once you have the strength to do it again! 

Re: I'm starting to wonder why I'm still here

I am very different when you talk to me when I'm in a better mood or depressed. But I know, once the flames are kindled, it worsens it all, and that leads to complications and worsens it. Even though I've been away from a stressful environment for some time, it's still the same, it's not only a short term change.

It feels so repetitive. Like there's nothing much left to say. I can talk about it, but what more is there to say? It's all the same.

Re: I'm starting to wonder why I'm still here

Hey @Creativegirl12,

Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit in a rut. Would you like to chat about something completely different to give yourself something to think about? I've just been obsessively reading the Movie Quotes thread in the Games section. Smiley Happy


Or if you're wanting to do something a bit more constructive, how about doing some exercises that are good for focusing on the positive like 3 positives of today or Today I'm grateful for... ?