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I'm stuck in a negative thought spiral and I'm feeling stressed.

Hey everyone,


I just wanted to talk about something that happened recently. That started a few weeks ago. So recently, I've been pretty hyped for the new release of Pokemon Sword and Shield. So I've been keeping up on the latest news and other things on the internet. So I went to Twitter, and I was looking around. And I came across something that I found deeply problematic, where the character accompanying Ash (Ash being, the main character who is ten years old) in the new Pokemon Sword and Shield anime was sexualised. So I reported it to Twitter and for a while I thought that was okay. And I found other accounts that do the same thing. I didn't report them, since I didn't see anything of theirs. 

But as of recent, I think to myself that I'm not doing enough. That I must be doing more than that. That, I'm not doing enough for society. I've talked to someone at eheadspace before about this, and they told me that this is probably a negative thought. Because I've done something good, but my mind isn't agreeing with it. I just want someone to talk to about this, because having these negative thoughts keep recurring even though I've talked to someone about this is annoying and stressful. 

Thank you Smiley Happy


Re: I'm stuck in a negative thought spiral and I'm feeling stressed.

Hi @ApplesRoses! I'm so excited for the new Pokemon games too! We have them pre-ordered but won't be able to pick them up until the weekend. Smiley Happy

It's no good that people have been posting content online that's not age-restricted. Smiley Sad
Unfortunately, it can seem like we can't do enough for society, especially with regard to getting inappropriate online content taken down. It can be so hard to delete things from the Internet completely. Smiley Sad
But I think you did the right thing by reporting it. Smiley Happy It could have been triggering for a lot of people.

Sometimes, we can be our own worst critic. Practicing self-compassion is really tough. Smiley Sad
Something I try to do is think of what I would tell a friend in the same situation, because we often see our friends in a more positive light than ourselves.

Re: I'm stuck in a negative thought spiral and I'm feeling stressed.

Hey @WheresMySquishy,

Thanks for contributing, I think I really just needed someone to validate my reasoning as to why I don't think I should let in these thoughts. It can just be really tough to see something and feel like I can't do more. 

On a lighter note, which starter you going for? I was really looking forward for the three of them, but the only one that has caught my eye is Grookey. In my opinion, they could've done better in the designs to be honest. But overall, the game is really exciting!! I cannot wait to play it!! 

Re: I'm stuck in a negative thought spiral and I'm feeling stressed.

@ApplesRoses  I'm glad you're feeling a bit better! Smiley Happy

I think Grookey looks so cute! Smiley Happy A friend and I are going with Sobble, while my sister said she is going to go with Grookey. Scorbunny doesn't really appeal to me. I don't like its design and I feel like it's not 'me'. Sobble and its leaked evolutions feel more like 'me'.
I'm excited to start with a water starter because I had Rowlet and Litten in the last two games.
I often find myself using different starters and finding that my favourites has changed over the years though.