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Re: I'm tired


So much has happened since this post over a year ago 

1) that friend died- i wrote a post about it here

2) im still struggling with grief of losing said friend- i know thats normal btw. But its hard I want her back so damn much. I just want to hug her one more time and tell her I love her one more time but alas i can not 

3) im almost finished my second sem of my first ever year of uni- scary and exciting mostly scrary

4)family stuff is still complicated and never will not be- should i stop buying avocadoes so that i can afford to move out??!!!! 

5) Ive recently reduced my meds because of a horrible side effect I cant deal with anymore and im starting to feel the effects of it. Technically its my body readjusting and i should (according to my psych) go back to "normal" when my body readjusts BUT for now its quite difficult. Its fine when i have things to do like uni and work but not really on days like today when ive done heaps of studying and dont have much else that i want to do. 


Re: I'm tired

Hey @hopethepiano!

Congratulations on getting through your first year of uni!! The first year is the hardest, I think, because everything is all so new, and you're almost through! Do you have any plans for the break?

Family stuff sucks, huh? Could you set yourself a goal of when you'd like to be able to move out by? It might not be as soon as you'd like, but maybe having a concrete goal could make moving out seem like more of a real possibility?


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Re: I'm tired


No plans yet I really want to go overseas but i dont know whether ill have the money 

Im trying to think of things to do in the break because I also wont have work (work hols are in line with school holidays) gonna see if i can get a summer job or somethin....cant make a decision 


I want to move out as soon as i get the job i want after uni. But obvs i have to get through uni and hope like hell that i get a job....possibly  long way away like Melbourne... or whoop whoop 

Re: I'm tired

@hopethepiano I'm in the same boat - really wanting to move out, but not having the money. A summer job sounds like an awesome option if you don't have much on and are looking for some extra cash Smiley Happy How long do you have left at uni?

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