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Re: I'm trying to hide myself from the world

If you felt like being more confident made a difference to you @MemphisBelle then it wasn't a waste! Have you read through some of the articles on Reach Out about coping with study stress?

Re: I'm trying to hide myself from the world


Sorry for the late reply. Been waiting on Headspace and so forth.


Anyway, I feel like the problem is that whilst I thought I was being more confident. The way the people at my school barely noticed kinda makes me feel like it was a waste  Smiley Sad


Anyway I'm booked to start seeing counseling and so on. I'll keep you posted

Re: I'm trying to hide myself from the world

That's great news that you are booked in for counseling - let us know how it all goes.

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Re: I'm trying to hide myself from the world



I had my first session yesterday it was basically a question sesison to get a sense of what was wrong.

I explained it like this:

The problem is that I feel lonely, have not true honeset friends (at least none that accepted me for me, they made fun for me hobbies which some people consider bizaree eg I like collecting action figures and drawing superhero art, I did Black Widow once and they made jokes that I only liked her because she was hot) stupid stuff like that. They would also put peer pressure on me to do things I was not comfortable with like ditching classes or drinking (not so much peer pressure about drinking but a lot of "Come on Dude! Lighten up, everyone drinks!")


Because of that I feel like I hate myself and view myself as a failure who will not suceed or fit in. I don't feel like I belong. I feel like everyone hates me and that I anger the people around me. I feel like I could vanish and no one at school would care.


The counselor I'll be speaking with is a very nice man. I said I get nervous answering questions about this and he said that I answered the questions well and that he understood what was making me upset.


I'm just worried about what I'm going to do inbetween sessions, I find that it's VERY HARD for me to stay happy at all, I don't even like my old hobbies anymore.



I'll be seeing them over the next few weeks, so I'll keep you posted. Thanks Sophie Smiley Happy

Re: I'm trying to hide myself from the world

Hey @MemphisBelle - sounds like you had a pretty positive experience for your first counseling session! If you're not sure what to do in between sessions, you can totally ask your counsellor for suggestions. That's what they're there for!

Re: I'm trying to hide myself from the world

Good on you for going to see a counsellor, @MemphisBelle!

PS - I remember that movie! Sean Astin was in it (Who later played Sam in the Lord of the Rings). Smiley Happy



Re: I'm trying to hide myself from the world

Hi all,
I'm really nervous about going in. I just hope I don't get side tracked. To sum it up I would say.

I struggle to make friends at school, because of this I feel lonely and worthless. As a result I can't enjoy my
old hobbies and feel like I'm not unique or have anything that makes me a good person.

I might have to work on soon