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I need Help !

Why do I get anxious when I go out of the house with family and that ? Why do I feel like I can’t feel my legs and walk  properly?  I can’t cope. When I was on camp everything was fine no problems what so ever. Why do I feel sad and not wanting to do anything ? Why do I feel so bored? Most of all why are these emotions so strong I want everything to go back to normal 

Re: I need Help !

Hey there @Dleehy2002,


It's fantastic that you had such a wonderful time at camp! Were there any strategies or things you did that helped you before you went and while you were there? Dealing with anxiety is hard, especially when you're able to do something like camp but not anything else. It's hard to know the reason behind why we get anxious, but there are things that we can try and do to help ease those feelings. For me, I find playing with something in my hands, such as a pen, calming. This thread over here has a great list of coping strategies and distractions that might have some ideas for when you're feeling sad or bored or to help with feeling anxious. 


There's also this article over here on motivation with ideas on helping you get motivated and stay motivated. Things like setting goals, using rewards, to-do lists and such. Finding motivation and setting goals can be one way of pushing past the feelings of boredom and not wanting to do anything, especially if it's doing an activity you enjoy. What do you think?


I am finishing with ReachOut this week, say good-bye here. I'll miss you all!

Re: I need Help !

Hi @Dleehy2002
Thank you for sharing
I'm really sorry to hear you're going through this Smiley Sad
@Jay-RO has provided some good threads and articles which could be really useful!
Have you spoken to a professional or somebody about this before?
Pleas keep us updated, we're here for you Heart