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Re: I need a rest

Tay that is great news that you got along to the doctor!


It sounds like it was a little overwhelming  with the possible psychiatrist referral and the brain scan and everything. That is totally understandable. But it's also better that they look at all the possibilities up front so if there is a problem, they know what it is upfront.


Let us know how you get on when you go back to the GP.




Re: I need a rest

Hey benny!


Im not so sure i trust this CT scan.......i read the form that i have to hand to them when i go and it says ?psycosis.

How is that cheeking for physical causes?


i guess i will need to bring this up with her tomorrow, if i am able to stay focused when i am there.


Thanks for you concern.



Re: I need a rest

Yeah that is a little strange if she said it was for physical issues... but I think you should just be really up front with her about your question. I am sure there is a logical explanation for it.


Good luck! 

Re: I need a rest

Hey Tay,


The progressive muscle relaxation is a good one!  I know as soon as I get into bed I have a tendency to get anxious, which increases the adrenalin running through my body.  Like you I exercise a lot, but sometimes it's not enough.  Keep up with that.


In regards to the CT referral your GP gave you, psychosis can come up with phsyical markers in the brain.  That's why she said it was physical, it's a diagnostic tool. Hope that helps a bit.  But you should discuss it with the GP as well.


Re: I need a rest

Well i never knew that! why didnt she just tell me that though when i asked her? she just said it was because it helps them to know what part of the brain to look at.


Anways Community mental health rang me today..........I have an appointment at 2oclock with them. IT all happened so fast i was expecting to wait at least a week! There is going to be 2 people in the room. 1 man named Ben and 1 lady named Edwina.


I do not know these people from a bar of soap and they expect me to go and tell them whats going on? Im not sure how im going to get though this appointment. I am going to be by myself my parter is at work and will not be able to make it home on time. I am terrafied right now! 


I can not begin to express how frightned i am about all this i wasnt expecting it all to happen so fast i though that it would be a slow ongoing process. Im scared.


I need to remind myself i am doing this for the best reason to help myself get better.


i have no idea how i will make it though this i just have to hope i will be ok!!!!!!!!!

Re: I need a rest

Hope it went well Tay, let us know!

Re: I need a rest

Smiley Happy  Well I really hope that you feel better after today Tay.


Re: I need a rest

So yesterday was very confronting for me it was a room with 3 chairs a phone and a panic button for the workers. 


I had to tell them basicaly whats been going on recently. It was really hard i didn't know these people from a bar of soap! But i did the best i could and hopefuly i was able to spit out most of what needed to be said. 


They were bot quiet nice and basicaly on the man spoke but she mentioned a few things. 


The verdict is they are just an assessment team and they asses what needs to be done now they said they think i need more psycological help and they will go back to their team and discuss what they think the best plan of action is. Im not sure if they are going to get in contact  with me about this or weather it be my doctor. SO i may find out monday but i also may find out today i don't have clue at the minuite. 


I just need to take this as it comes  i guess im doing it for all the right reason thats just what i need to keep telling myself because its hard. I feel like im getting the others in touble for things they havnt yet done but they may do. 


anways thats the lates thanks for you concerns =)