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I need some advise on therapy.


I don't exactly know if this is the right place to post this, if it isn't I'm sorry.

I would like some advice on therapy (only if people are comfortable to give it)


I kind of have a fear about it. The whole idea of talking to a stranger about your problems doesn't agree with me. Plus I really hate talking about my self. I have seen people in the past (lots of different people for lots of different things)

I've seen therapists in the past but one way or another they haven't worked out. I'm really tired of meeting new people and telling them my whole life story do far.


I have kind of refused to go see anyone for the last 3 years. I believe that one on one just doesn't work for me. Does anyone else feels the same???? or is it silly to think that?

I have been looking at group therapies lately, since my mum would really love it if I saw someone and got out of the house.

Does anyone do group therapy??? and if so do you like it???  I also thought it could be a way to meet people, I haven't talked to anyone my own age in almost 3 years.


Does anyone else think the same as me or have any advice that they could share???? Thank you for taking the time to read this, I hope it's understandable.


Re: I need some advise on therapy.

Hey @Dandelion13 🙂


I'm so sorry you've had such a difficult time with therapists in the past, it sounds like it's causing a lot of distress and confusing at the moment.


You're definitely not the only one who thinks that way about it, and I don't think it's silly to think that... I've had really similar experiences with therapists, and reaching the conclusion that I didn't think it was working for me and stopping pursuing it was a positive step for me. Some people say it's a case of shopping around to try and find a therapist that's a good fit, but you know yourself and your experience best to know if or when that stops being valuable to you, or worth the effort.


Group therapy sounds like it's got potential. I've never tried it but maybe it would be easier being less intensely focused on you, and giving you the chance to connect with peers. If you think it might help and are comfortable trying it out it sounds worth trying.


Some advice I'd give is to trust yourself, avoid blaming yourself if it doesn't work out, and look into other things that might be helpful too. We're here to support you whether you decide to see a therapist, try group therapy, or neither.


Do you have much other support? And is there anything else you've found so far that's helped at all?

Re: I need some advise on therapy.

Hey @Dandelion13 


I totally get talking to a stranger is not a comfortable thing to do, and even more so talking about ourselves can be even more uncomfortable!! I was kind of lucky in the way it only took me one dodgy therapist before I landed myself an amazing one. Having said that though, it has taken me a year to start trusting her and letting my guard down so I think it's important to note that it is NOT easy! Therapy is honestly by far the hardest thing I have ever put myself through. So don't beat yourself up about it if you are finding it isn't working for you or taking a while to connect. I feel like it's only natural to feel that way.


If you're open to giving group therapy a try I think you should totally go for it! I had just started a group before COVID happened and I didn't love it or hate it. I HATED it at first because I am not one for opening up to people I don't know, but as the weeks went on I started to realise that really, we all have shit going on and it was just nice to physically be surrounded by people who were willing to speak up and be open about it. I never got round to opening up because it takes me A LOT to get to that stage. But I did find it to be quite inspiring and looking back on it now I almost wish I had opened up sooner so I could have those people to talk to now. I guess what I'm trying to say is if you are willing to give it a go there is no harm in trying! It can be awkward and strange at first but as the sessions go on it does get easier. Just remember, everyone is probably feeling just as nervous as you are about being there!


Would love to hear what you end up deciding to do! Smiley Happy