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I think im doing the wrong thing

So ive been trying to follow people advice as im pretty new to my diagnoses even though ive had them for a little while but i was too scared to come forward about it and just thought what i was feeling was normal as i wasnt aware that it wasn't but anyway.
So im trying to get my life on track and learn coping ways to deal with these diagnoses but everytime i try to do something for myself i feel really selfish about it. As well as this recently i feel like people are turning away from me and my mother and both of my siblings are starting to hate me for doing things for myself as im usually the one giving giving giving and never do anything for myelf.

Recently one of my conversations with my mum were that i said i was going to a such and such appointment and her reply was AGAIN! i dont see why you keep going. Ive explained to her the reason i go and this one was a chiropractic appointment .

And one of my conversation with one of my siblings was ive got an appointment this afternoon so i hope mums home as she works so i often have the kids after school until she gets home. And their reply was why cant we just come with you we use to before and i explained to them that sometimes i just need to do things on my own but they still seem to hate me.
They arent old enough to unseratand6the conditions and im a rather private person so im not going to tell thwm anyway but they are old enough to unseratand that sometimes they just cant hang off my like a tail.

I try very hard to make any appontments between school hours but sometimes ita unavoidable to be put after school but mum is usually home by then

What am i doing wrong to turn everyone away from me. Im not that horrible am i?

Re: I think im doing the wrong thing

Hey @setmefree


It can sometimes be hard to look after ourselves especially when it gets in the way of doing things for others.

The only thing you can do is to keep looking after yourself and hope they get over it. 


Often people will start realising something is important to someone when they see them sticking to it consistently over time.

A bit like how young people get a hard time if they become vegetarian or vegan but then the longer they stick with it, the more accepting the people around them get.


You could have a look at this and see if the tips for communicating help you approach your family, especially your mum, and discuss how this is upsetting you and how you would like their support.


What do you think?

Re: I think im doing the wrong thing

hi @Ngaio-RO


i tried to speak to my mum today about it

i started off by saying i went to see a psychiatrist today and she said uh huh without looking at me and then i started to look at my new medications and instructions as you do and i said these are my new ones and explaine to her what they are and that ill still be on my other medications as well and then she just said ok and wasnt really paying attention to what i was saying anyway


what do you think that means? maybe i should just keep it tom myself?

Re: I think im doing the wrong thing

@setmefree hmm I am hearing you.. First off huge props on carrying on with the Psych and thoroughly looking over the info on your medications panflit. Remembering too this is your wellbeing not your Mums Smiley Happy So well done.

Do you feel you would be more comfortable not involving her?

And further to that, do you have other supports you can speak to about Psych/Meds?

Speak soon Smiley Happy

Re: I think im doing the wrong thing


hello @Bree-RO


yeh i think i would feel more comfortable probably not involving her as everytime i try to she shuts me down and it just constantly makes me rethink what i should be doing with my life but not in a good way. it just seems to make it harder to deal with all the challanges...


um at the moment my support system is pretty mch my psychiatrist, eventually when i get to see my psychologist her, my gp and the forums and thats pretty much it. i have one close friend but i try not to discuss it to musch with them as i dont want our friendship just based on my mental illness



Re: I think im doing the wrong thing

@setmefree It's good you at least know that you don't want her looped in on it anymore. That way you don't have to feel so low, because deep down it sounds like you know it's the right thing for your wellbeing.


That's cool, that's 3+ supports. Great start Smiley Happy Have you ever looked into support groups?

Re: I think im doing the wrong thing

Only on here with the forums which are proving to be quite helpful