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Re: I want to leave school

I was bullied all through out primary and secondary school - your peers can say very nasty things to you and it can really have a negative effect.

all i can say is i have been out of school for four years now and after getting through it all I learnt a few things

- people are young and thoughtless when they say these things: they don't really understand what they are saying really hurts

-if you can stick through it, it gets better: for me, life is NOTHING like school. once you are out of there, you become independent and can CHOOSE who you associate with and spend your time with. uni is so different, everyone grows up a bit and the atmosphere is different.

- maturity: i will tell you this, almost every one of the people who bullied me in school have now contacted me and apologised for everything they did. they say " i am so sorry i didn't realise how mean and nasty i was being". I guess this comes down to hindsight, people learn from their mistakes... this doesn't make it okay, but it makes things understandable a bit more..

and finally, their comments and actions.. they are a reflection of THEM not YOU. what they say, shows poor character on themselves, not what they say to you. I also learned that people have very bad insecurities about themselves and thats why they put others down..

its okay if you don't want to go to those formal events, i went and i hated mine. don't make yourself do anything you don't want to BUT it is important to remember, what will you think when you look back in five years? will you regret not going just because some a**hole stopped you.

things do get better, i promise. its just sticking through until then Smiley Happy

Re: I want to leave school

@bessie94 those are some really excellent points!

Re: I want to leave school

I don't have any close friends, so I would probably be forgotten in 5 years so I really would have no regrets I feel

Re: I want to leave school

@MemphisBelle I want you to know and remember that you are worthy and as important as everyone else regardless of whether people like you.  Others' opinions, and having or not having friends, doesn't determine your worth

Re: I want to leave school

Is it possible to be too different, Im the kid who loves movies and creepy animals eg Sharks, Anacondas. Even old history eg American Civil War

I guess you can say, I feel the need to have my own unique talents and not having anything be the same about me as another person.

Re: I want to leave school

TOO different is no such thing, i think its AWESOME that you love creepy animals haha and old history is SOOO interesting

Re: I want to leave school

@MemphisBelle too different for what?


Being unique isn't merely about your hobbies and talents - there are other people out there just as eccentric as you are, with the same interests in movies, drama etc., and the same talents.  I mean there are about 7 billion people!  Being unique is more about your core being - your unique mixture of thoughts, feelings, your impact on those around you and the world in general, and everything that goes with that.  At least that's my opinion.


It is really normal to feel the need to be unique, but this isn't something that requires effort, you will always be the only you, forever and ever.  Do you think you could lose your sense of uniqueness?  What does being unique mean to you?

Re: I want to leave school

@MemphisBelle being unique is great, but embrace yourself regardless

Re: I want to leave school

@MemphisBelle Like @bessie94 said, there's no such thing as too different!


You're interests are actually really similar to mine! Ever since I was a little kid, I've been obsessed with movies, especially sci-fi, horror and creature films.


I didn't really know anyone growing up who felt the same way to the same extent or got as affected by them. But after finishing highschool, my world expanded and I met more like minded people and didn't feel so "different" in that aspect of myself. School is such a micro world, you see the same people every day, and sometimes forget there's a huge world outside of it!


By the way, did you know that there's a Lake Placid vs Anaconda movie that just came out last month? I haven't seen it yet, but it's either gonna be awesome, or the worst movie of all time.



Re: I want to leave school



I had kinda a rough day today, I had to confess to my teachers that I wasn't:

  • Going to the formal
  • Going to the graduation assembly
  • Particapting in the muck-up week (something that I would overload to the max, I was gonna put on a plastic bag and glue pastic sharks to it as a reference to Sharknado)

I'm not doing any of the other above


P.S I have heard of "Lake Placid vs Anaconda" can't wait to see it!