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I was rude today

Today I was in class and a guy was just in a friendly chiding way tapping his pencil on my hoodie ...
But I was rude and kind of said something I regret.
I quite bluntly said to him " Dont Touch Me " and I made the situation sort of awkward and when he went in for a comfort pat to say sorry I stepped away..
Sigh why am I such a freak?
I only realised later it was rude.
I don't even have the courage to apologise.
.... Any tips?
I was never really good at socialising.

Re: I was rude today

Hey @AStudyInHuman


It seems that you're worried that this guy thought you were rude and you regret how you responded to how he was tapping your hoodie. 

It's easy to speak to someone in a way that we're not happy with sometimes, so it's important to realise that this doesn't make you a 'freak' Smiley Happy - it just makes you a normal human being! We're not robots, so sometimes our tone can get the better of us. We all do things that we regret, and say things sometimes that come out in a way that may not be as nice as we would've hoped. 


You say that you don't have the courage to apologise, which is totally understandable. Do you have any other ideas about how you might be able to feel better about this situation?


Please let me know how you go!!!

Re: I was rude today

@AStudyInHuman I also reckon it's okay to not be comfortable with being touched. And like... well you did tell him not to touch you and then the guy tried to pat you... sooooo he's clearly not the sharpest tool in the shed/ a terrible listener. There's rude and then there's being assertive. Rude would be doing some kind of Jiu Jitsu throw on him (which @N1ghtW1ng could do). Being assertive is making it damn clear that you don't want someone to do something, and then moving away when they miss the clearly spoken memo.


Anyway, my point is, i think it was totally okay and reasonable to react this way/

Re: I was rude today

Hardy har @Ben-RO Smiley Tongue

@AStudyInHuman like everyone else has said, what you did wasn't rude. I certainly don't understand the "rules" of social interaction, but I firmly believe that if you don't want to be touched, then you have every right to tell someone "No." It's not rude, in fact it's more rude that someone is touching you without your permission in the first place. Especially if they are doing it for awhile like it sounds like this guy was.

If he really went in for a pat to say sorry after you told him "don't touch me" then not only is he being rude, he is also an idiot. Because the first thing you do after someone tells you "don't touch me" should not be touching them.

It might feel rude to tell someone to not touch you, but it's really not.

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