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Im losing it

I’m starting to get better from my months of dark,I’m not happy but I’m fine an I’m just simply plain,but I will get very hypo, I will just suddenly burst into a happy energetic euphoria an it’s so good, it only happened after I have a good cry tho

Re: Im losing it

Hi @Irawd thanks for sharing! Sorry to hear you're not happy at the moment. It sounds like you've made some progress with your mental health though, is that right? If crying makes you feel better there's nothing wrong with that Smiley Happy 

Re: Im losing it

hi @lrawd and welcome

having a good cry can be really catharic (meaning good) so perhaps your low moods are contributed with build up emotions and unsure how to release them...
have you any supports for yourself?
**NEVER be afraid to ask for help because you're WORTH it!**

Re: Im losing it

hey @Irawd, it's good to hear that you're getting better! recovery can be a long process and often is not linear, so it can be a really bumpy ride. as @Libellule mentioned there's nothing wrong with a good cry and it can be really cathartic to do so! 


Re: Im losing it

Hi @Irawd! It sounds really tough and frustrating dealing with emotions that can be volatile at times, and I'm sorry to hear they've been affecting you. Being self-aware of how they are making you feel is a big first step, and while I'm really glad to hear you are getting better, unfortunately, as @DirtWitch, recovery isn't a straightforward process. It was really courageous of you to open up on RO about feeling this way and you are definitely not alone ❤️

Do you have any sources of support at the moment? And I agree with @scared01 and @Libellule for sure, crying is a great way of releasing pent up emotion. Do you have any other self-care strategies for when you feel low?