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Is chronic alcoholism self-harm?

Is chronic alcoholism self-harm?




I'm trying to manage my alcoholism and it occurs to me that my actions seem consistent with what I read about people with "self-harm" problems.


What I don't get is, I know drinking the amounts I do will cause serious health issues in the long term, but I don't stop.

Is there part of my brain that wants to "self harm"?


Thanks for your time.




Re: Is chronic alcoholism self-harm?

Hi CJ,

I think it is, yes. Just like self harm etc alcoholism is self-harm. And I also say yes to your question about whether there is a part of your brain that wants to self harm.

For whatever reason, you use alcohol the same way a person would use a self harm. It's what you know, what makes you feel good, what eases the pain or what helps you deal with something. Now I'm not saying its ok or that you should do it. What I am saying is, everyone has their own little thing that provides them with comfort. Now why would you want to stop something that 'helps' you? It's human nature to not want to give up their comforts.

Hope this has helped a little.


Re: Is chronic alcoholism self-harm?

Hey CJ


I think anything that is used in excess amounts can be harmful to the self and It is really important to see that you are trying to manage this. It is also good that you are becoming self aware and that you are reaching out to get some help for yourself. 


I agree with @Ash_A I think with any kind of addiction you might have part of you that wants to stop and part of you that wants to keep going because its a coping mechanism or it has just become so part of your life and what you know and its hard to stop and it takes time, help from others and a good support network. 


If you want to read more about this have a look at this factsheet. Also I have a factsheet about building better coping skills which might help you handle different situations. I hope this is helpful. If you need more information or would like to talk we are here for you and you can also call Lifeline on 13 11 14 


Take care of yourself. 


**Believe in the power of you because you are your own hero**

Re: Is chronic alcoholism self-harm?

Hi Sophie and Ruen,


Thanks for your replys. I'm at a stage where I really understand how bad it is and want to change.

On the plus side last night was alcohol free, in the first time for awhile.

I'll definitely check out the factsheets and try and get a better understanding of how to go about this.

I think in my case it was a way of coping that has just become a nightly habbit.

I'm not depressed except for the days when I look at how much I drink and go "dude!".

So i gave up pot, I gave up smoking, I can do this too.


Thanks again.




Re: Is chronic alcoholism self-harm?



I'd count drinking heaps as a form of self harm.

About your question whether the brain has some part of it that wants to self harm it's funny cause I had a convo with a friend yesterday who knew someone who was using sleeping pills to help her sleep and she kept using it for ages and now she can't go without them. But she was trying to get off them. So that for her was a challenge but she did get there. 8D


It's great to hear that you're trying to curb your habits! (Y)

Must feel heaps awesome.

Do you have friends or family who are supporting you as well?

Breaking out of habits is pretty hard but as you've kicked pot & smoking you can defts do this too.

XD Woo hoo ! All the best. Hope to hear from you soon yeah? Cheers



Re: Is chronic alcoholism self-harm?

Wow - giving up pot and smoking is huge! Sounds like you've got a lot of strength to draw on then! We'd love to keep hearing from you about how it goes and seeing you round the forums!

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