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Is going to therapy/becoming a psychologist even worth it or helpful?

Hi Smiley Happy 

So a bit of background info I have generalised anxiety disorder and specific phobia diagnoses and my GP thinks I may have some OCD and disrupted eating issues as well. 


Firstly I have seen 3 psychologists that are paid and I have seen a therapist at a free service run by the government, however, I haven't really found any of them useful and I feel discouraged because I'm beginning to think therapy isn't actually helpful and a waste of time and money. My GP thinks that I need to go see an experienced clinical psychologist who specialised in CBT and anxiety related issues because I have more than one main problem and my case is complex but I can't afford that so I'm stuck with the free service atm. 


I just wondered if anyone has actually found therapy helpful for serious mental illness and actually thinks its worth it? 


I'm especially discouraged as I'm currently in uni studying to become a clinical psychologist, however because of these doubts and other things I have been reevaluating my career goals and am planning to apply for medical school and become a neurologist in the next few years, but I really care about mental health however because of my own experience with therapy I don't know if I want to be a psychologist anymore if its useless because I want to use my skills and time to significantly improve or help peoples quality of life and health. 


What do you guys think?



Re: Is going to therapy/becoming a psychologist even worth it or helpful?

Hi @Charlie-29-1999 thanks for sharing with us Smiley Happy Firstly I'm sorry to hear that you haven't found any of the services from psychologists helpful, that must be really frustrating. I can see why you would be feeling conflicted as to whether or not to continue your studies in Clinical Psychology. Neurology sounds really interesting and I think it comes down to personal choice. I love that you care so much about improving people's quality of life and health, it shows you have a big heart Heart I don't have much personal experience with this but I'm hoping someone in the forum can provide you a bit more insight into their own experiences with their studies or therapy. I'm wondering if there's a Course Coordinator or even a Career Counsellor you can chat to further about this? 

Re: Is going to therapy/becoming a psychologist even worth it or helpful?

Hi @Charlie-29-1999
I'm sorry you feel this way!
Was there anything specific about the sessions that made them not useful/not helpful?
Just as @Lan-RO has said I think it's really amazing that you care a lot about mental health.
I'm actually a psychology student myself (postgrad now) and I know that sometimes a therapeutic relationship takes time to develop and often a person has to try some different ones to find the 'right fit' for them.
From a student's perspective the more we learn, the more we become experienced in different therapeutic techniques that we think may work for a client.
I'd love to keep chatting with you about this, I hope it helps Smiley Happy