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Re: Is the Year 12 formal worth it?

@MemphisBelle  year 12 can be so stressful!  Reading the other posts (such as @redhead  's) it sounds like some people decided to go even when they didn't want to, and had a really good time, which is awesome and there is a lesson in that.


Personally I think if you don't want to go, then don't go! If I didn't want to, I wouldn't


You have nothing to feel bad about by not going. In my opinion, neither graduation nor the formal really matter that much (as long as you do the school work!).  Besides, I didn't go to my graduation assembly either! (Or many other assemblies that year!)


Year 12 can be such a handful, you have to look after yourself and if you don't want to go to the formal or graduation, then that's just fine and I wouldn't either. 


If you do go, then that is definitely something to be proud of.  If you don't go, you have nothing to feel bad about and it's a great opportunity to look after your own mental wellbeing


Good luck!


Re: Is the Year 12 formal worth it?

Hey, im going through the exact same thing and was wondering if you did go? I know this post was published in 2015 but yeah did u go and how was it? Sorry for you to see this in ur email Smiley Happy . And thanks in case I see ur reply and not reply 


Re: Is the Year 12 formal worth it?



I didn't go to mine. It just wasn't worth it. I didn't get on well with my year nor did I want to spend so much money on something I would get sick of after 10 mins.


My advice to you would be this:

Make the right choice for YOU. Do not let anyone tell you must or must not go. If you don't feel like you want to go then don't go, don't let anyone guilt trip you.

If you decide you want to, then go for it




Re: Is the Year 12 formal worth it?

Hi sorry to bother you but after all these years do you regret not going. Mine is in a few weeks and i am worried i might make the wrong decision. I don't want to go (not my thing+sociak anxiety) but all my friends are going. Thanks for replies

Re: Is the Year 12 formal worth it?

Hello 👋, your not bothering me at all. Thanks for replying though 👍.

Looking back I didn’t want to go for the same reason, ‘worried about making wrong decisions’, and I was at the time trying to distance myself from everyone, I had close friends that went.

Did I regret not going? No.

BUT. I feel in the future I will.

Reason is because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity in high school (unless you repeat); it’ll never happen again; to see everyone in a suit, tie, tux, dress, gowns; after 6 years alongside them in your year group; one last time; to only have fun with them. It could be with someone you’ve never talked to which may create more friendships. I understand it’ll be hard if you have social anxiety but you may never see them again in the future so don’t worry. You have friends (maybe your parents) there too, to talk to. You’re not going to be alone. Pictures and all on that day, you’ll look back and cherish those memories. I was you looking around and found similar posts when it was approaching the day of my formal and I bet the majority of them wished they went as time passed.

It’s up to you.

Your decision.

No one is forcing you.

For me I just feel in the future I will regret it, maybe after looking through some high school photos that was taken 10, 30 years ago, wondering what this and that person is up to, or even if they are around that i have/never spoken to, to trigger that regret.

In conclusion, I reckon just go. It’s once in a lifetime, you’ll be fine.

You have friends going.

All your friends are going.


Re: Is the Year 12 formal worth it?

4 years later, I do not regret my decision 


I looked at the video of the night, I would have gotten bored in 25 minutes and left.


Also that night was the same night my art gallery had a movie night of a bad horror film. I went to that with my mum and had a much better time, just chilling with a film, Pepsi and Popcorn.


As I've said before, make the right choice for YOU and YOU only. If you don't feel comfortable going, then please know its okay to make that choice and don't let anyone force you. If you do wanna give a shot, that's fine. So long as it is what you decide, no one else should decide for you


Re: Is the Year 12 formal worth it?

Not to be a downer but i kind of hated mine tbh i was anxious the whole night and then once it started and everyone was seated i just spent the night trying not to burst into tears and wondering if anyone would notice me being gone. i mean i am glad that i dont have any questions about what it was like but at the same time i spent the next whole day crying so idk which is better or worse. BUT that was just me and it really is something you have to decide if you want but you shouldnt feel bad whatever you choose.