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Is this the end of the road?

"I think that what happens for a lot of individuals is that they suffer in silence with respect to having a mental illness. And so what I mean by that — in the greater society there's certainly a lot of stigma associated with mental illness. It's sort of antithetical to the American ethic, which is to be strong and courageous; to pull yourself up by the bootstraps; to weather the storm, et cetera."


This quote by Michael LIndsey, Associate Prof in Social Work. I just read it today.


Its now 2:30AM Cali time.

Re: Is this the end of the road?

Hey @saucydankish - welcome to ReachOut! As I was reading your post, it felt like a stream of consciouness - like all those thoughts were just writhing around inside your head looking for a place to escape. Some parts seemed like a letter to a very specific someone. You are clearly a very artistic person, and I'm sorry to hear that you are not deriving as much pleasure as you used to from your drawing and other artistic pursuits. Did it feel like a relief to get some of those words out?


That feeling of being numb and yet being in pain at the same time is a description I see a lot around these parts. Although you mention you haven't been officially diagnosed with a mental illness, have you spoken with a GP about it at all? You also talked about seeing a counsellor, and that it hasn't been very effective for you. Not everyone 'clicks' with the first professional they see, but it's really important that you let them know if it's not working for you so you can try a different approach - or a different therapist.


I would really like to offer you the links to some local support services that I believe you would find useful, but before I do I just want to check - are you in Australia? Some of the words you use make me think you're American, and this is the Aussie ReachOut forum (The US one is here) so just checking I don't send you something you can use.


Re: Is this the end of the road?

I'm still awake and it's after 2:30AM here, but thanks I just had to get that out. I been hurting and you're right. I chatted to a late line counselor here

Re: Is this the end of the road?

Hey @saucydankish


Just thought i'd say hi, and see how you're doing today? 


We're here for you Smiley Happy

Re: Is this the end of the road?

Thank you @Ben-RO, I can't believe it's been a month since I wrote that last! Life's been going well enough, and thanks for asking. I had pushed the matter down afterwards, and life just got away on me since! It's been there in the recesses though, so I explored more of my feelings this afternoon here on RO - it is really hard to open up on a public forum in this way, though, but I had to express myself!! I am a much private the matter must still be close to my heart and I have to process it.


And I really appreciate your words, @ElleBelle! I went out today and bought myself some more art supplies. yet again. haha Smiley Happy

A water colour pad, some new water colours and black ink pens. I have been neglecting my art and music. I know life is what you make of it. So on the surface, I am going to take care of myself and let it out with art...



Have a wonderful weekend.

Re: Is this the end of the road?

@ElleBelle Sorry, but I edited out my "stream of consciousness" after I posted it. Smiley Happy

I'm glad you got to read the original though. 

Re: Is this the end of the road?

Hey @saucydankish, I think it's awesome that you were able to open up on RO. Like you said, it can be hard to do that on a public forum, so what you did took a lot of courage and you should be proud of that, especially if you feel like opening up helped!


I hope you have a great weekend creating some amazing art with your new supplies!

Re: Is this the end of the road?

Yeah well, it goes against the grain a bit, lol, but yes, opening up here helped a bit. We're only human, right?

What are friends for! Smiley Happy


Thanks again. It was good to connect, for sure.


Wish you also a very good weekend @moonwalk

I'll really get into my art now. I can't wait to create some new things. Bye!

Re: Is this the end of the road?

GAH! You like arts as well!?!?! Please feel free to share with us here.

My entire life can be described in one sentence: It didn't go as planned and that's okay. ツ

Re: Is this the end of the road?