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Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

I'm sorry to hear you're feeling that way @Lost_Space_Explorer5. I was in a very similar head space yesterday and couldn't pull myself out of it. I'm not sure about you but sometimes I just find conversation helps? So I hope we can help you out tonight in some way!! Have you ever tried any of the hotlines? Just remember they are there <3


Yes! I totally remember now!! Really?! That would be awesome!! I love it honestly! It's pretty full on and challenging at times but it is soooo broad and you can go so many places with it which I love! I am actually thinking of doing a post grad in psychology hahaha How funny!! I just want to work in mental health I think and always thought of doing psychology but I also want to be more hands on with my clients, hence why I chose OT. 


Sweet, I'll have to check it out!! 


I don't blame you @Lost_Space_Explorer5! I'm the same and hate being put on the spot like that haha So... I ALWAYS get to mixed up between fictional and non-fictional, it's terrible, I know! So I am guilty.. I just had to google which is which! And Hermione Granger was actually the first example to come up and I love her! hahhaha What about you? 


And what is your favourite movie?


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

I am sorry to hear that you are having thoughts on not wanting to live, but it is good to hear that you are safe @Lost_Space_Explorer5. Do you have anything planned for tonight that can help to keep you safe or help you feel better? It is great to see the conversation that you are having with @MB95, it sounds very interesting!


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

@MB95 Yeah talking with people does help a lot I've found Smiley Happy I'm feeling a bit better now (I had my medication which makes me sleepy but helps my mood- if I stop replying I've probably fallen asleep... sorry). The thoughts are always there so usually I'd only call a helpline if it gets really bad.

HAHA I misread what you wrote and thought you had to google whether Hermione Granger was made up... That would be slightly worrying... 😂 I think I struggled between knowing the difference between fiction and non-fiction as a kid, so I can relate!

Yeah that is funny! I don't want to become a psychologist but I want to help people in some aspect of psychology with a more practical take? And there are so many different aspects of psych no clue what I would focus on.

hmm oh dear that is a broad question I asked. I'm lowkey still getting over the death of "Larten Crepsley" from the Vampire's assistant series even though I read it like 5 years ago. That's the first thing that came to mind hahaha

Favourite moviee ahh I like the first Matrix movie? Wbu?

What kind of music do you like?

@Sophia-RO I'll probably do some journalling and go to sleep soon. Thanks for the supportive replies Smiley Happy

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

No need to apologize @Lost_Space_Explorer5, I will understand! I am probably going to head to bed soon myself, I was just waiting to see if you were still awake and feeling okay because I don't want to just up and leave you! And I can relate about the thoughts always being there. I'm just glad you know to call a helpline if needed Smiley Happy


HAHAHAHA!! YES!! That would be EXTREMELY worrying!! 


Really? Like what sort of aspects? I know that is probably such a dumb question but I guess I just always assumed if you studied psych you'd come out being a psychologist! Actually even just thinking about that now makes me feel so dumb for even saying it lol I think you should definitely look into OT though - it is VERY hands on and looks at a persons health holistically which is probably what I love about it. It doesn't just focus on one aspect! 


Hahaha nice! I can't say I've ever read that but I can relate when a good character dies! 


Nice!! Hmm... I have SO MANY! But one movie that has always seemed to stick with me as a favourite go to is The Last Song lol I don't know but it just always gets me! I fell in love with it when I was younger (I was one of those MASSIVE Miley Cyrus fans ahah) and have loved it ever since. I'm a bit of a sucker for sad romantic movies lol 


Hmm.. music.. I honestly like anything! I am pretty easy going, the only things I really cannot stand are like scremo heavy metal and rap hahaha Sorry if they are your faves! I just can't do it! Although I did have one day where I was really not in a good way and my anger was insane and I didn't know what to do. I ended up calling my psych and she knows I hate heavy mental scremo stuff so told me to play it. Strangely, I LOVED it that day haha No way can I listen to it now though!! 


I do LOVE irish music though.. fun fact - I used to irish dance Smiley Happy So I love all things Ireland lol 


Which leads me to my next question I was going to ask (I was googling some questions just before to get ideas.. I'm not actually this creative..) but if you could be from anywhere in the world, where would you rather be from? I feel like I gave mine away above - mine would be Ireland or Scotland! 


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Sorry.. I tend to ramble!!! 


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

@MB95 Haha I totally fell asleep 😅 You're not dumb for thinking that, a lot of people think that, or more strangely.. that psych students can read minds!? Lots of areas- you can go into research or clinical or more practical things. I don't even know the full extent of career paths people choose but psych covers a range of topics- forensic, cognitive, behavioural, social, abnormal, evolutionary, developmental, neuropsych, etc.

Some people even go into advertising with psych. I knew a lecturer who claimed he did criminal profiling for the government although I'm not sure I believed it...

I like the idea of helping people with developmental delays or neurological problems but not sure exactly if occupational therapy could set me up for that. Possibly I'd like to help people with their mental health but it hits a bit close to home!

Ooh like irish folk music? Or more modern irish music? Irish folk music is so lovely to listen to. Irish dancing sounds awesome wow! I have some Irish and Scottish in me, a few generations back though 🙂

That is a tough question, maybe a Scandinavian country? They look so pretty and cold.

Have you ever listened to viking folk music? It's the best! Tragically at the moment I keep listening to pop punk music- the angst appeals to me on a spiritual level.. *sigh* All music is good I shouldn't judge my own tastes.

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Ahaha all good @Lost_Space_Explorer5, I thought you might have!! 😂 How are you feeling today? This quote popped up in my FB feed thismorning and it reminded me of you so I thought I'd share it if that's okay.. just to remind you there is no need to feel guilty for your feelings! 😊




I never actually thought of psych that way! Now I feel like I'm in the wrong degree ahaha Developmental delays ans neurological problems definately fall into OT! They are actually two areas I find most interesting too! It would probably be looked at in a different way to psychs would look at it though, but still interesting! I get that mental health is a bit close to home.. I say I want to work in it but I also have to leave the room during some case srudies because they're too triggering! So I'm not entirely sure myself yet. I just know I really want to help people and I want to try my best to help them before they get to where I am!! 


I laughed when you mentioned about people thinking psychs can read your mind 😂 I am SO BAD at physically expressing how I feel and my psych has mentioned once that she can't read my mind ahahaha 


Honestly, I love all irish music! Ahaha If it's irish you can prerty much be gaurenteed I'll love it 😂 That's cool you've got heritage! I'm the same, ours is about 4 gens back though! 


Scandinavian countries look absolutely STUNNING so I can totally see why you'd pick them! 😍 And the cold. I don't know about you but I love the cold! I used to hate it so much but after spending a winter in Ireland I grew to absolutely love it! 


I haven't listened to viking folk music before but I might check it out! And yes, don't judge your tastes in music! We're all different and that's what makes us who we are 😊 


I hope you're feeling a little better today! ❤


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Awh @MB95 that's a sweet message Smiley Happy Noo you're probably not in the wrong degree (it sounds fun!), and you could always do psych later down the track! We never really went into much detail for practical interventions around neurological problems and developmental delays and that aspect seems interesting to me! It would be interesting to contribute to early intervention- my brother is autistic so it would be good if I was able to work towards research or better interventions for others

Haha oh I'm the same with my new psych. She had to get me to write something down because I couldn't speak... Psychologists are generally good at reading body language but they can't go as far as reading minds!!

I am feeling a bit better thanks Smiley Happy How are you going today? Did you catch up on sleep??

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Ah really? Well if you do end up doing OT after psych it will all be practical based interventions! 😊 By the sounds of it I think you'd really enjoy OT, especially specializing in the areas that interest you! Cause there's quite a few areas I find boring e.g. returning to work assessments but we've still gotta learn them obviously 😂 It sounds like you've got a passion for helping others though so being in a health degree will definately help meet that need! 


Ahahaha yep, I am forever writing things down! Or she is forever playing a million questions with me till we get to the core of something 😂 She told me I'm one of the hardest eggs to crack ahaha But I'm definitely getting better with it now I'm slowly starting to trust her and realise she isn't going to leave me 👍 Still wish she could just read my mind though.. would make the whole process so much easier hahaha 


I'm glad to hear it!! 😊 And yes I did! Was very much needed!! Even managed to smash out the rest of my assignment today 💪


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

@MB95 Yeah the clinical stuff for psych doesn't come up really until masters if that's the path someone wanted to follow. Hahaha good you're getting better at opening up to her! I'm always afraid of being judged. I think it just takes time. Good job with the assignment! Smiley Happy