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Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Ooh live messages would be cool @MB95, but moderating might be a bit difficult for them, like if someone breaks the rules of RO? Not sure how they could set it up, maybe they could put filters for certain phrases idk. Unless they only set them up for certain times and had like moderators monitoring everything that was said 😅

Wow that sounds like an amazing study aesthetic! I tried studying outside in my backyard the other day and it was too sunny so I just went back inside lol Smiley Happy Wow, two weeks!? That must have been super intensive! Do you remember anything from that course- I would forget everything if it had been crammed into such a short time! Hey, one more exam to go, you got this!

I'm unsure exactly what the first question is asking... Like, is it asking for an experience? Or a thing? Uhh... Nothing is ever 10/10. But I would rate my cats 9.999999/10 on the cuteness scale Smiley Wink

I would like to master the skill to speak all the languages- then I could understand everyone Smiley Happy

What about you? Those were interesting questions!

I've had to find a list of questions online too now Smiley Happy (Ran out of ideas)

What's the strangest dream you've had?

What’s something that will always be in fashion, no matter how much time passes?

What inanimate object would be the most annoying if it played loud upbeat music while being used? (What kind of question is that...?)

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Hahahaha yeah that was the downside I mentioned to them and they were obviously aware of lol But they didn't say no to the idea and did mention it had been suggested a few times so who knows.. @Lost_Space_Explorer5 


Aww thanks!! I cannot wait for it to be holiday time already!! I just need a break and some me time to try and get myself sorted out! I had a bit of a laugh when you said you had to go back inside cause it was too sunny - same thing happened to me when I tried to do the whole 'study out in nature' thing haha I ended up with sore eyes and felt like I was going blind lol As for the intensive.. it SUCKED! It was on statistics too which made it worse! So nope. I remember NOTHING from it ahahaha 


Yeah they were pretty random questions haha I also wasn't sure on the first one, so lets just say it can be anything! lol When I read it I thought of my mums cooking.. idk, nothing beats a dinner cooked by mum and sharing it with my family Smiley Happy


I also LOVE your skill you'd like to master!! I'd also love to learn languages, sign language included!! If I hadn't had uni during this whole iso phase I 100% would have been doing that!! 


One thing that came to mind was learning how to make those beeswax wraps - I love using them instead of plastic but they are often so expensive so I'd love to learn to make them myself!


Hahaha yeah, I just don't have the creativity for questions and some can be awesome conversation starters! 


Okay so.. strangest dream, hmm.. I feel like I'm always having crazy and weird dreams! One I remember that freaked me out was that I had had a child, something happened in the dream to wake me up and it took me a while to realise I didn't actually have a baby! Like I woke up looking for my child only to realise it was all a bloody dream hahaha 


Hmm.. always be in fashion? Now that's a tough one! I'm kind of lost.. I am actually brain dead with this one sorry! Please enlighten me with some ideas haha


Was this one off a site? Hahahaha there really are some randoms out there!! I would have to say a book? Cause I need dead silence when I'm trying to read and would be too busy bopping away lol 


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

@MB95 I swear I responded to this that's weird? Maybe because I tried to link the site with the conversation starter questions? Ripp. I'll try to re-write what I can remember lol, but it won't be as long and majestic Smiley Happy

Hahaha oh no for the baby dream- I think that's a pretty common dream though!

I once had a dream about a cow-spider attacking me and my family in my house (more of a vampire-cow really). I tried to call the police but they were in league with the cow! It ate me and my family Smiley Very Happy

Water will always be in fashion! And I think muzak in lifts has beaten us to the annoying music question!

I'm off to sleep now good night! 😴

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Ugh, I hate when you type a good response and then lose it! It's happened to me a few times and it's so frustrating lol How have you been going today with your uni work @Lost_Space_Explorer5? Do you feel like you were able to be a little more productive than yesterday? 


Your dream sounds scary ahahaha and slightly funny.. I swear some of the things we dream about are so bizzare!! Like I always wonder where they come from?!?  that's the link to the one I have been using lol Some strange ones and some I don't even understand! 


Today's questions.. ahaha sorry, I just need a distraction at the moment and don't need to be annoying! It's just been really nice talking to you, I hope that's okay..! You don't have to keep answering if you don't want to though!! 


What's special about the place you grew up in?


What's something you like to do the old-fashioned way?


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

omg why do my posts keep getting deleted Smiley Sad

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Maybe a teeny bit more productive @MB95

Ha ha... ha...

Hehe yeah dreams are so strange! Awhh it's been nice talking to you too Smiley Very Happy Of course it's okay!

Hmm that's a good question.. Does that mean my house or my neighborhood? I'm guessing neighborhood. Umm well we had a video/dvd rental place down the road during my childhood (it's gone now Smiley Sad ) and I always loved to walk or roller skate down there with my mum and brother (mum was walking). Since the people in the store knew us, they let my brother and me skate around the store like feral things Smiley LOL I wonder how much damage we did.. Smiley Embarassed

I'm not sure what I like to do the old fashioned way.... ooh! I write my lecture notes with a fountain pen sometimes so.. pretty sure that counts!

When did something start out badly for you but in the end, it was great?

What’s the most expensive thing you’ve broken?

[3rd time lucky, please don't delete me Smiley Sad ]


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Yes it worked! I've learnt my lesson and copy my posts before posting them now Smiley Tongue

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

I just wanted to pop in and say that sometimes the spam filter eats your posts @Lost_Space_Explorer5. We check it periodically but sometimes they can still get missed. I can see your posts in there, so next time if you let us know, we can just take them out instead of you needing to retype it.

I thought I would answer some questions too (I hope that is okay) Smiley Happy

Something I like to do the old fashioned way...
I washed my car by hand with a sponge yesterday!


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

oh haha I thought it was something like that Smiley Happy Good to know, thanks @Taylor-RO Smiley Very Happy

Oh nice washing a car by hand is so satisfying!!
But it's also so much fun going through the automatic car wash Smiley Happy

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Occasionally I like to draw terrible drawings to use as study cues Smiley LOL


I hope this cheers you up a little @MB95 Smiley Happy


10 points to whoever can guess what the heck I drew here Smiley Wink


20200608_174049.jpgEdit: Omg we should play pictionary on here. Or like "guess the drawing"