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Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

That sucks you were losing your posts @Lost_Space_Explorer5 - I often do the same too and copy it just in case haha Glad @Taylor-RO was able to clarify why! And also jump in on the questions haha I love that you washed your car by hand! I struggle so bad finding the energy too!! 


I LOVE that you used to roller skate in the video shop hahahaha that is the BEST!! I also love that you clarified your mum was walking cause I was like holey cow her mum is AWESOME! hahaha Not that she isn't!! But I was just picturing a mum roller skating with her children through a video store lol Love it!! I also REALLY miss video stores!! We have one back in my hometown but since I've moved for uni I can't find one anywhere and it makes me sad. I used to LOVE going and picking a movie or two to take home and watch with my family! Such great memories - thanks for the reminder! Smiley Happy 


I guess my special thing about where I grew up was that our street used to have about 18 kids in it and we would all ride our bikes up and down it together and play cricket up the street using a wheelie bin and the wickets lol So many great memories growing up in that street! It's so different now. Kinda makes me sad that we don't see the new kids out doing the same things we used too! 


That definitely counts! My old-fashioned thing is very similar - I HATE learning electronically so all my uni notes are handwritten and I print all my slides out haha I hate how much paper it uses but I just can't learn on the computer! I also LOVE hand writing letters and sending them to my friends overseas - I feel like that's kinda old fashioned? 


Hmm.. one thing that comes to mind recently was when I forced myself to leave the house and go for a walk (I have pretty severe anxiety).. I felt so sick walking down my street but refused to let myself give in and when I got to an area where no one was I had this sudden urge to run cause I'd made it! Was such an amazing feeling!! I was on the biggest high all afternoon and night from it haha 


I'm usually a very cautious person so don't really break things.. but I did accidentally drop my dad's work hard drive once and he lost all his stuff for work. Lets just say I felt like the worst person EVER!! He was amazing about it but even thinking about it to this day makes me feel sick. I couldn't imagine losing all my hard work!! 


Your drawing also 100% cheered me up @Lost_Space_Explorer5!! I love it hahahaha Honestly, you are going to make such an amazing psychologist/mental health worker/whatever you wish to be! You have a true talent for making others smile - don't ever lose that! 


I also LOVE that you suggested pictionary! You can totally count me in!! I'm gonna say it's some kind of a bird and bottle.. lol 


 Okay, my goal from now on is to try not to ramble!! I'm sorry!!! Maybe it's this who iso thing, I haven't had proper human conversation that my posts are just becoming longer and longer by the day lol 


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Loll you've definitely made me ramble more, it's catching @MB95. Is there a word limit on these things? Humour is my best and only defence, honestly, it's the only way I've ever gotten people to like me. Ahh now everyone knows my secret! Smiley Sad That's correct, it's a bird and a bottle. 10 points to Gryffindor. Some experimenters tricked a poor bird into "mobbing" a bottle. Yeah, my mum is not one to rollerskate in a video store Smiley Very Happy

Woah, that sounds like an awesome childhood memory, I wish there were kids in my area when I was growing up!

Hahaha that's an awesome achievement, I laughed about you being "high" Smiley Very Happy

Oh noo, that's cool he didn't get upset with you! Literally my dad hit his own head today and because I was talking to him he told ME off!

Jesus I've broken so many things LOL

Oh here's one. When I was younger I literally STEPPED on my laptop because I wasn't bothered to move it. 🤦‍♀️ I have no idea what I was thinking. But a few days later I opened it to find the screen bleeding purple 😬 Dad was NOT happy... It wasn't a super expensive laptop, but even still... Not a good look

Something that started bad hmm I can't think of anything. Plenty of things that started well but ended badly... Hm. Nope I got nothing.

Your turn to draw something, seeing as you do wanna play! Smiley Tongue I shall guess what it is. Maybe the moderators will notice and make it an actual game on the game board Smiley Very Happy

Be honest. Do I use too many emojis?

Back to the questions from that site!

What’s your haunted house story?

What’s the dumbest thing someone has argued with you about?

Where are you not welcome anymore? (I have a story for this question! Smiley Happy )

Notice I am asking more questions. I wanna see you break the record for rambling Smiley Very Happy (Tell me what the word limit is if there is one when you get there)

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Hahaha 😂 I feel like I need to take a moment to let you know I laughed about 4 or 5 times throughout your message @Lost_Space_Explorer5! Honestly, you have such a great sense of humor, I can totally see why others would love it! And I'm sure you have many other amazing qualities to go with it so don't sell yourself short!! I just also wanted to say thankyou. Honestly, I don't mean to sound all soppy but this conversation we've had going on has just been so nice. I've had a shit week but just knowing I can jump on here and answer our crazy questions and have a general casual conversation with you has been so amazing. So thankyou. I've really been enjoying it and it's been such a perfect distraction I've needed and the fact it comes with so many laughs is just an added bonus!! I really mean it when I say you're in the right field of study! 😊


Now enough of that nonsense.. lol I just wanted to make sure you know what a help you've been to me lately! So.. down to business.. I LOVE that you broke your laptop purely due to laziness ahahahaha that is 100% something I would do!! I'm cautious in the way I'm careful not to break things (especially when they aren't mine) but then I can also be SUPER lazy (often when I'm in the dumps) and do the same dumb shit. Like tonight, I noticed I'd knocked water over on the bench and just couldn't be bothered so went about my business as it dripped down my leg onto the floor lol Didn't break anything but just a sign of my laziness! I forced myself to clean it up after a while of course ahaha 


LOL. It was a total natural high! Although theres a question.. have you ever been high? And do you have a funny story to go with it? I never have been so I'm a bit lame and boring unfortunately 🙃 I have been to Amsterdam though and sniffed it all the way down the street... 😂


I don't blame ya for the started bad and ended good.. that was SO HARD to come up with anything!! 


My haunted house story? Umm.. what?! I bloody hate scary shit so I've got nothing! Hahaha 


Gees.. these require brain power and memory I'm not so sure I have 😂 Umm.. my friend and I once had a disagreement with our group about our powerpoint and whether or not dot points have a full stop or not 🤦‍♀️ What do you think?


Where am I not welcome? Hmm.. does a country count? I may have been deported once.. 😔😂 I'm interested to hear this story of yours!! 


And yes I totally noticed that! That's cheeky! I was gonna try shorten my replies not lengthen them lol But honestly, please do tell me if this becomes annoying!!! 


So.. what are some small things that make your day better? 


What is your most favourite piece of clothing you own/owned?


What was the best book or series you've ever read? 


What is the most annoying question that people ask you regularly? 


What gets you fired up? 


There we go - FIVE questions! Now it's your turn to make the Guniess World Records with the response! Also RO does have a word limit.. I totally hit it one day 😂😂😂


As for my drawing, I will do it in the morning cause I'm currently tucked up in bed and sooo comphy! Too lazy to get up 😂 But tomorrow I'll wow you with some kinda stick figure so you better be ready!! I also think we should make it a game on here. It would be so much fun! Like it's fun with the two of us but I can gaurentee you won't be able to guess anything I draw. I have ZERO creative bones in my body!! Can we start a pictionary thread or does it have to be a mod? Cause I also feel bad I keep using your thread for our questions too!! Honestly, if you want we can start a new one. I just feel bad cause this was your post where you came to reach out for help and now I'm spamming it with a million and one bloody terribly bizzare questions! 🙃 


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

I legit just signed out and realised I didn't answer your question about emojis so signed back in to answer 🤣 But nope! I don't think you do!! Like you defs use more than most people on here but I like it, it makes the conversation more casual and fun 😊 I usually write with alot of emojis too when I'm on my phone! Hence why you might notice a change now.. my phone is good again 👌 I guess for me it just depends. If I feel comfortable and chilled out then emojis are totally my thing and if I feel upset or just want to get shit out then I generally don't use them! But I love that you do so there's no need to worry about it! I think it also helps your awesome and fun personality shine though 😊 I find it nice and refreshing, especially on here because so many posts can be depressing and sad. You bring the light girl! Emoji away! 😘😊😍👌👍🤘😛😂🤣


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Damnn that was a long response! A difficult one to beat! Maybe if I just put a lot of paragraph breaks my response will look longer than it is.


Haha actually in person I'm horrifically shy and have just one friend! Lol we could start a new thread but I don't mind! Hm I'm not sure if we could start a pictionary thread or if we need a moderator?

Ripp with the water, pftt at least it wasn't like juice or coffee or something!

No I haven't been high! And I don't really want to! BAHA Unless you count the time where I accidentally inhaled air from a whipped cream charger thingo. Pretty sure that stuff is laughing gas. I felt so weird for a few minutes! Don't ask.

Ugh I can't do sentiment or emotions so... yeah it has been nice chatting although probably a little too good of a procrastination method! Smiley Happy

I've been in a haunted house like at a theme park or something. My friend clung to me the whole time. I was just like this is sooo fake Smiley Indifferent That was in my "I don't care what happens to me" phase where I was fine going on terrifying rides and into haunted houses. So what if I got beheaded! That would have been an interesting way to go. But now I can't do any scary things, too scary!!

Hmm dumbest thing. You're right this requires too much thinking. Idk probably something in primary school, kids find strange things to argue about.

Wait.. why were you deported?!

I am not welcome in this small theme park down the south coast. I once let my brother (who has autism) drive ALONE in a- i've forgotten the word, I'm too tireddd- Is it Go Kart? Like those mini cars where you can drive around a loop. So he was driving alone and did not stop when the ride operator told him to and long story short the operator made me stand in front of the car as my brother drove up to me while I screamed "THE LEFT PEDAL HIT THE LEFT PEDAL" and thank god he stopped! I think the ride operator told me to never come back. Where was mum during all this? She'd left us alone while she went to get coffee.... hmm

What makes my day better?? My cats! And music!
Favourite piece of clothing atm is a jumper from the cursed child play

Best book series would have to be chaos walking

The most annoying question- I don't really get annoyed by questions? Unless it's a mean one?

Fired up? Like energetic? Or does that mean angry? Ummm, the wind makes me energetic?

More questions for you...

What’s the most depressing meal you’ve eaten?
What app can you not believe someone hasn’t made yet?
What’s the weirdest thing you’ve found lying on the ground / side of the road?
What would the box with all your hopes and dreams inside look like? HAHA this one made me laugh. All my hopes and dreams?? They've all been burned to dust! (joking) (I think)
What seemingly innocent question makes you think “It’s a trap!”?
What’s your “and then it got worse” story?

There you go. SIX questions. Good luck.

Edit: Ooh an opportunity to make my post even longer. I just saw your response to my emoji addiction. It doesn't feel like I'm using a lot but then when I post it's alll yellow.




Yup. The longest post.


2nd edit: Why am I still awake 😭 *sigh*


  • 3rd edit: I think it doesn't matter if dot points have full stops. Consistency is key that's all.
  • Like this.
  • Not like this, this would be inconsistent
  • hmmmm... I did not know I can write in comic sans on this.

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

I'm sure you're probably getting into bed now if you're not already asleep @Lost_Space_Explorer5 but I thought I'd try and find some energy to reply to this cause I really need the distraction (sorry for the delayed response). 


First off, I wanted to check in and see how you're doing as well? Seems we seem to have high jacked your post with a questions game I wanna make sure I still check in with you! And honestly, if you would prefer then feel free to make a new thread we can purely use for questions! So how are you?


I'm the same in person. My stupid anxiety goes wild! But once I start to get to know and trust someone I can be one of the craziest outgoing idiots there is lol I just need to feel safe around people first. It's strange. But I totally get it. I have like no friends in Australia, one at uni but it's pretty much just uni we talk about which sucks. My two best friends live overseas but I'm not sure about you, I much prefer the quality of a friend then the quantity of them. It sucks when they're so limited but I also know mine would take a bullet for me and I'd do the same for them. 


Ugh.. my deportation story lol I won't go into detail cause it was pretty full on but basically I overstayed my visa.. I had been told I was okay cause my paperwork was being processed to stay another year but turns out you shouldn't leave a county and try to re-enter while they're sorting that shit out 🤦‍♀️ 


Your story about you and your brother cracked me up! Are you close with him? It sounds as though you are which is amazing! Is he your only sibling?


Okay so.. I'm going to try keep it short! 


Hugging my dog always makes my day better although since moving away I've had to opt for looking after plants instead 🙃


My favourite piece of clothing was this brown hoodie - I wore it EVERYWHERE and for absolute years!!! Was devastated when my mum and sister told me it was time I got rid of it.. I have SERIOUS attachment issues lol Yep, even when it comes to jumpers... 


Best book series would probably be the Tomorrow when the war began series. I remember absolutely loving it! I must get back into reading.. I used to read every night and now I barely touch a book. Might make that a goal for the uni break actually! 


Annoying question is anything to do with why I don't have a boyfriend yet and when I'm going to have kids. Like NEVER. Just let me live MY life people!! 


Bullying gets me EXTREMELY fired up! I will NOT tolerate it!!!! 


Depressing meal? I once bought a burger in the Dubai airport and it was pretty shitty. Checked my bank account and turns out I had paid $40 for it!!! That certainly left me feeling depressed lol


Tbh I would barely know what apps are out there now so idk.. 


I once found a pair of undies on the side of the road? I thought that was weird! Maybe even worrying now that I think about it.. 


Hahahaha honestly. The way I'm feeling at the moment. There are no hopes and dreams. Exactly like you said, they're dust! 


I often think alot of questions my psych asks me are a trap? Lol Like today she asked if I would be safe until our appointment tomorrow and that if not she'd organise a welfare check. She knows I'm so scared of that happening and is a way to always get me to respond when I really don't want to talk to her. 100% a trap. 


Okay, I can't believe I'm sharing this cause it was so embarrassing but when I was like 10 we went on a roadtrip with family friends. I liked their son and he came in our car for a bit.. I get REALLY car sick. Anyway we had to pull over cause we were both sick. Only I was stupidly bending over infront of him while I threw up and then happened to fart at the same time. And it didn't just happen once lol I was NOT in a good way. But wait.. it gets worse.. we went to school the following week and guess what his story was for news time? Yep. How I vomited and farted in his face at the same time.. 🤦‍♀️🤣


I'll leave ya with that one lol Will let you catch up on the questions you asked and then I'll throw out some new ones! This has actually been good.. like I know I'm just writing this to myself atm but it's helped me feel a little better. Feels like I've had a conversation with someone and it's nice!


I hope you're doing okay. Please do update me with how things are going for you! And thanks for checking in with me on my thread. I'll get to it eventually. Just not in a great headspace atm and thought this would be a much nicer conversation to have ❤


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Bloody hell! So much for keeping it short! I think I'm gonna drop our questions back to 2 at a time 🤣


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Hey @MB95, I'm doing okay, last night was a little rough but I'm feeling a bit better now Smiley Happy Randomly started hating the whole world and myself and trusting no one when I was trying to sleep. I'm chill now though. How're you going today? If you want to talk about what's been going on I'm here Smiley Happy


Woah that must be hard to have your friends overseas, how often to you get to see them in person? How do you keep in touch? Yeah, it sucks when you try to make friends at uni and all you ever talk about is uni! How do you move onto other topics?? It's a mystery to me.


Wow that sounds like a really stressful situation with being deported!


My brother and I aren't actually that close Smiley Sad He's kind of scared of me I think.. He can't really say much so we don't really interact all that much. Yup he's my only sibling! Do you have any siblings?


Lol it's tragic you have to result to hugging plants (HAHA I know you didn't say that but that's the image I got)


Awwh that's sweet with the jumper, was there a story behind it, or you were just fond of it?


I haven't read that series, but I've watched the TV show of it! I also need to get back into reading!


BAHA oh my god why don't you have a boyfriend yet- that is the most annoying question I agree! Pretty sure I'm bi (never been in a relationship though) and my parents don't know, so I'm like well it might not necessarily be a boyfriend... But you know, the why there isn't anyone is because I'm unstable! Although.. this might be oversharing.. I did have a crush on a guy last year and I don't know what I was thinking. Literally sooo many red flags I just ignored. Like, he was a nice person overall and no one got hurt but thank god that didn't happen. I don't know WHAT I was thinking. I was in such a bad place though, literally going in and out of hospital and was so alone so I shouldn't beat myself up over it so much. But yeah, if I didn't trust people before, that's increased x10. And I don't trust my own judgement Smiley Sad


What a rip off with the burger! Mum make us meatballs from a can the other week when it was just the two of us at home. That was so depressing. I fed them to the cat.


So many dead animals on the side of the road Smiley Sad Once there was a kitten who'd been run over and was just lying there dead Smiley Sad Smiley Sad Smiley Sad


Lol, honestly I think everything people say is a trap, whoops.


BAHAHAHA Oh nooo that's a tragic story.


I feel like my whole life is a and then it got worse story. I can't think of anything specific atm


Okay, two more questions for you


What’s the shadiest thing you’ve seen someone do?

If you had a giraffe that you needed to hide, where would you hide it? (.....???)



Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Honestly @Lost_Space_Explorer5, I actually live for our conversations at the moment!! They are legit the BEST and make me laugh so much 😂😂😂 I also LOOOOVE that you created the pictionary thread, this is gonna be sooo much fun!!! 


I'm really sorry to hear last night was rough for you and I'm sorry I probably wasn't much of a support either. Lets just say I was very much in a dark place and also hating on life and everyone in it! Oh the joys!!!! I'll probs post my nonsense on my thread later, just trying to sort myself out a bit more before I do cause I don't like upsetting people with it and had a post deleted the other day so just wanna make sure I'm in the right headspace before I share. But I spoke with my psych this arvo and really needed that chat so it's kinda helped a bit 👍 I hope today has been a little easier for you? I'm also here if you want to chat! Just cause we have fun questions going on doesn't mean you can't talk about when you're feeling down okay? Just remember that!! This is YOUR thread after all that we've just gone and hijacked with a game of a million and one questions 🤣


It defs SUCKS having my closest friends overseas but I talk to one of them like every single day on whatsapp or messenger and the other one a couple times a week. Then I also try and skype them as often as possible! Time zones SUCK but we try! I shouldn't say skype.. it's zoom nowdays lol My best friend and I did some baking and yoga together via it the other day lol And we're planning to screen share and watch a movie together this week when my exam is over 😊 So it's hard but we make it work! I saw one of them the end of last year cause Inwas in a real bad place so she flew over to spend some time with me which was AMAZING and the other I haven't seen in person in 3yrs 😭 I was planning to go over and see them this year but stupid covid 😡


Aww really? I'm sorry to hear that. How old is he? And yeah, I have a younger brother and sister! 


Hahahaha.. well.. I actually haven't hugged my plants yet but maybe that's my issue! 😂


No story behind the jumper lol I just remember getting it for my first school camp in like grade 5 and kept it all the way till like grade 12 😂


I actually haven't seen the TV series, is it any good? I think cause it was different actors to the movie it turned me off lol Have you seen the movie of it? I LOVED it! Lets make that our shared goal for the holidays then - to start reading more and then if we come across a book we really like we can share it with each other? 😊


I'm so sorry to hear you were in and out of hospital ❤ And it's not over sharing, even if it was it wouldn't bother me lol I feel like RO is all about the over sharing 😂 You defs shouldn't feel bad though, sometimes no matter how many red flags there may be, if we're feeling alone we kind of don't care and just want anyone to be there. Is there anyone you like atm? And if you don't mind me asking what makes you think you might be bi? 


😂😂😂 I LOVE that you fed the meatballs to the cat. Just love it!!! 


Shadiest thing.. hmm... not sure if this would be shady or more just plain and simple gross but I once saw a lady jump up on top of a bin with those circle cut outs on top and literally pull her skirt aside and take a dumb. Then she jumped on the bus 🤢 Okay yep.. defs more gross but I can't think of anything shady. Wbu? 


Hahaha I love how random this one is!!! 😂 Well.. currently I'd hide it in my bloody backyard cause my housemates and I haven't got round to sorting the lawns and they're about knee high! So he could hang out there and pretend he is on a safari 😂


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Oh shit.. my questions!! 🤣




You've been given an elephant. You can't get rid of it. What would you do with it? 


What part of the human face is your favourite? 😂😂😂


Can you tell I just typed in 'random questions to ask someone' go google ahahaha