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Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

HAHA Yeah same I look forward to them too! They cheer me up and your last post was particularly funny Smiley Very Happy It might have been the use of an excessive amount of emojis (I assume your phone is fixed!?). HAHA "oh the joys!" Indeed!

Heyyy I saw my psych today too! Twinning Smiley Tongue I think she finally 'cracked' me (you know how you were saying you're a tough egg to crack) because I CRIED during therapy. whatanamazingbreakthroughamiright

Naww you're skype/zoom sessions with your friends sound adorable Smiley Very Happy Skype yoga BAHAHA

My brother is 23! Took me a minute to realise not 22. 2020 doesn't really count though does it.. Ooh, what's that like being the oldest sibling?

Yes, do hug your plants, I'm sure they're feeling a bit neglected.

I haven't seen the movie! I will watch and give you a review! The TV series was good but I think it got cut short cause the story seemed incomplete

No there isn't, thank god! And well I only realised this year, quarantine gave me a long time to think. I just sort of repressed that part of me and didn't indulge in it. But ever since I was young I 'felt something' if some 'romantic' scene was on TV. I rationalised it thinking I identified with what the girl was feeling, if that makes sense?

Honestly, I was so relieved when I had a crush on a guy because it meant I wasn't 'gay' and my parents wouldn't reject me Smiley Sad I mean I've had crushes on fictional characters before, and I sort fall for guys in a 'romantic' way, like for their character, not predominantly their looks? Of course, I didn't/don't think there's really anything wrong with whatever sexuality a person identifies as, people pick the strangest things to fight about.

But like, I just asked myself, seriously, what do I feel, and I sought of 'knew' after thinking a while. Of course I don't know for certain, but you never know!

That sounds like a plan to challenge each other to read!

He was BEGGING for the meatballs, how could I say no?!

Ewwwww that's so nasty. Shadiest thing I've seen is some sort of makeshift bong lying on the footpath. It was made of a plastic bottle??

I have no idea where to hide the giraffe ahhhh. A zoo??


edit: idk what happened to this post, I must have accidentally copied and pasted my reply I think it's fixed


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Oh I just saw your questions! @MB95

I would call it Albert and feed it peanuts.

What kind of a question is that!! Um eyes??

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

All I want to do is rank up on reachout is that too much to ask Smiley Sad !!

Super frequent scribe pftt 😕

Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (hijacked with random questions)

hehehe... then... world domination!!!





Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me

Ahahahaha 🤣 I know.. super frequent scribe makes me sound like I'm forever annoying the communiry with my needy rambles ahahaha I wonder what comes next? I'm a little worried to find out hahaha 


Hahaha yep! The phone is back in action and my mood is too thanks to your amazing pictionary idea! So look out.. the emojis are out in full force tonight! 😂


THAT IS AN AMAZING BREAKTHROUGH!!! OMGYOUCRIED! That's funny and sad all in the same way. But I hope you know I do care. It's just funny in the way we see it as a break through lol I feel like you're on the same kinda humerous sarcastic side as me when it comes to therapy but if I ever say anything that's upsetting please do let me know! I'm proud of you for having a good cry 💪 We defs are twinning cause guess what!?!?! I CRIED TOO!! 😂😂😂 She didn't crack me cause I still wouldn't speak but she defs made me cry - she's slowly working her way in the sneaky bitch! Ahahaha Is this psych part of your treating team you were talking about? I'm here to listen if you want to talk about thinking ❤ I'm just a good question asker 😘 lol 


Yep.. skype yoga. We tried once and laughed too much and how rediculous we were so gave up and baked chocolate peanut butter slices instead 😂


Ah, I thought your brother was younger for some reason! Ugh, being the eldest SUCKS haha I feel like there's so much more responsibility and you're always the one getting in trouble for shit and then when your siblings get to that age and do the same dumb shit it's totally fine lol 


Hmm.. that sucks! I know they only made the one movie which totally sucked, think it was to do with money or something. But defs watch it and let me know what you think 😊


Yeah that does make sense! And I hope your parents will be accepting of it when/if you choose to tell them. I feel like that would be one of the hardest things. I know how much I struggle telling my parents stuff in the worry I'll let them down or they won't like me anymore. It sucks! If I'm being honest, I'm pretty confused about it all myself so I appreciate you sharing your thoughts on it! ❤


Okay, book challenge accepted 💪 Lets see how many we can read during the break! *picks up book, reads one page, puts book down again cause mind is racing and can't concentrate* - story of my fucking life 🙃 


Ahaha I guess if you hid him in a zoo he'd at least have some new friends to play with then lol 


You seriously are the GREATEST! I bet Albert would LOVE eating peanuts ahahaha I'd call mine Eric and send him over to yours for play dates and to be fed 😂 


I'd also go for eyes! I feel like you can tell alot about a person through their eyes, plus without them I wouldn't be able to play pictionary with you!!! Well I could but my drawings would be even more unrecognizable then they are now.. lol 


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me (hijacked with random questions)

P.S. I LOVE that you edited the name of your forum! 😂 Nicely played ahahaha


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me: (hijacked with random questions)

I KNOW RIGHT WHAT A BREAKTHROUGH! HA therapists are so evil!! Reminds me of this meme:




Lol it wasn't that epic, I just got a bit teary and was offered a tissue Smiley Very Happy No she's the new one that I've only been seeing for a few months or so! I have bawled my eyes out a couple times in front of my case manager. This was when I was in hospital and tried to lie my way out of there and the psychiatrist wasn't very empathetic! I left and was super chill until one of the other patients was like hey wanna play pool with us and I was like no... leave me alone.. *SOB* Then my case manager walked up and sat with me on the fake grass Smiley Happy


Do you have an 'epic' crying story?


That's awesome you cried too!! Literally twinning. Mars must be in retrograde or something Smiley Wink But yeah it's actually so therapeutic. And makes things seem less intense. Thanks, I'm here to talk too ❤


Loll your parents must get sick of it by the time the youngest have grown up


Wait for me it says you're a star contributor!! I'm stuck on super frequent scribe Smiley Sad


Hey that's okay Smiley Happy It is such a confusing thing


Oh my god, you get a page read!! I get stuck on a paragraph Smiley Tongue



If life were a video game, what would some of the cheat codes be? (motherlode sims cheat doesn't count Smiley Tongue)

What secret conspiracy would you like to start?

If it had to be something in this room, what would your zombie apocalypse weapon be?



Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me: (hijacked with random questions)

Ahahah I've never seen that meme but I love it! Although my sessions are still very one sided.. I don't know what it is but I can't seem to physically talk to my psych. Like I might write stuff to her in an email or letter and she'll bring it up but even then I can't talk about it and she pretty much just asks me yes or no questions or helps put words in my mouth. I hate it cause there is SO MUCH I want to tell her but it's like I can't. So strange! 


It sounds like you have an awesome case manager!! If you don't mind me asking what is it that they do? And are they usually social workers? I've heard from a few people now that psychiatrists aren't always very empathetic.. my psych is trying to encourage me to see one atm but I really don't know how I feel about them 🙃


I do have a few epic crying stories but none from therapy yet lol I don't usually cry with her but today she hit some sore spots and I couldn't help it! Idk if she notice or not though (we're still on phone appointments which SUCKS). 


Hmm.. it bloody does too! I don't know when the hell that changed over lol I swear to god I was literally just reading super frequent scribe not long ago.. 🤔 You probs don't have much longer then! Haha 


Cheat codes? Oh gosh, idk. To be honest I haven't played a video game in YEARS! I was legit just talking about it with my uni friend the other day though!! I do miss my gaming days lol What would yours be? 


Man these ones require creativity I do not have lol Umm.. maybe that we don't control what we do. That we are all actually part of a video game and there are other beings controlling us. Idk. That's something I strangely used to wonder about 😂 That other beings are putting our thoughts into our heads and making us do what we do.. 


I feel like I'd be screwed in this case!! Maybe the liquid plant fertliser I have for my plants ahahaha I could pour it on them and hope to god it burns them to pieces 🤣 


Okay, what animal would you want to be reincarnated as? 


If you could replace all the grass in the world with something else, what would it be? 





Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me: (hijacked with random questions)

You have to look at mental health memes more! It's a strange coping strategy of mine. Oof these are getting a bit long I hope it's okay if I don't type an essay each time Smiley Tongue 


Yeah I totally get that, it's so frustrating! Is it a bit easier talking over the phone? It's really hard to open up to people Smiley Sad Especially when you're worried you'll be judged or ruin everything. And I never know where to start. I think you just end up saying f**k it and blurt something out and then everything else starts coming out. It's that first step that's the hardest. She is such an awesome case manager (I'm so sad to be losing her in a month) Smiley Sad She's a mental health nurse! 


Psychiatrists can be empathetic for sure! I've met some lovely ones! 


Awh, for sure everyone has epic crying stories NOT in therapy. But those are the sort of traumatic ones... 😬


Cheat codes: restart 🙃


Do I just make up a conspiracy? 

You're not talking to a real person right now I. Am. A. Robot. Robot LOL


Weapon: hockey stick 


I wanna be reincarnated as a cat!


I'd replace it with grass but grass that doesn't make you itchy!


New Q: What's the dumbest thing you've said


Re: It feels like everyone is leaving me: (hijacked with random questions)

How did your exam go today @Lost_Space_Explorer5?! I decided I wouldn't reply last night cause I didn't want to help you procrastinate lol And it is perfectly fine if you don't reply to everything haha I've actually been thinking the exact same thing so am more than happy to try and keep these shorter!! Smiley LOL


I wanna be reincarnated as a dolphin lol I LOVE the ocean and they are always so happy!! Smiley Happy


Love your grass idea - I have no clue what I'd replace it with! Maybe nice fields of flowers or something! 


Dumbest thing I've ever said... I was once on a road trip with my family in Australia and yelled out "look, an elephant!" without even realizing what I was saying ahaha It was a cow...