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It feels like there’s no point

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about long term future and what’s going to happen to us and the earth. I vacillate between feeling like it’d actually be better if humanity died out and the earth continued without us, and then feeling strong grief for all the things humanity never got to do.


I’m frustrated with why I’m still studying a stupid university course when there are people who need help NOW who I have the skills to take care of, and when my ‘degree’ may become obsolete if society collapses like it looks like it will. I’ve been sad that my dream of one day having and raising a child can’t ever happen and stressing about what I and my family would do if a war started and me and my siblings were conscripted. 


The other day I was sitting by the river near my uni and I promised her that I would try to help heal her and the earth. Now I feel really guilty and anxious because I don’t have the energy to do anything like protesting or cleaning bushland and I feel like everything I do is causing more harm. 


Does anybody else feel like this? 


Re: It feels like there’s no point

Hi @DruidChild
I can see that those are heavy thoughts that are on your shoulders.
I think a lot of people can agree that what's happening to the environment can be quite stressful to us when we think about the future. I've even thought about it at times as well. Atleast on the bright side technology is advancing at such a rate, and we have incredibly smart scientists who are working everyday to help reduce environmental impacts and potentially regain what we have lost, or atleast sustain it.
It sounds like you care a lot for people and the environment which is amazing to see.
Would it also maybe help to call Kids Helpline or Lifeline? They may also be able to support you through what you are feeling.
Here for you Heart

Re: It feels like there’s no point

@DruidChild  i share many of these thoughts with you. but i will say one thing on climate change they have linked 80% of climate change causes to about 10 super rich people so the rest of the whole world even if they did everything you could possibly do can only help 20% not that they should do that 20% they very much should and have to. but time and time again these things come down to money and power and greed and that has been and probably always will be the downfall of humans. the people who are responsible and older and think that nothing matters because they wont be there to see it but if we are to make it through this issue they are the ones who are going to hold the most power when it comes to changing things for the better. as for war it is possible but realistically i see it more of being a cold war than an actual one. but that is relying on the whole mutually assured destruction issue. 


I think it is also hard as a young person because while it is hard to hear about these things and think about them we have to we dont have the option to ignore it or deal with it later. we cant just hope that is will go away on its own and it seems cruel that we are the ones left to clean up a mess we didnt make. and maybe i am being to negative for this forum but honestly we have to face reality yes it is upsetting but it wont get less upsetting by ignoring it. i have some hopes that maybe the people in power might care enough soon but i also sometimes wonder if it will end in conflict. the people at the top wont be the ones to feels the effects until everyone under them has suffered or gone. again a grim picture but maybe we need to have others in power not like some random person but i personally believe we need a whole new party in parliment one that hasnt been in before with a fresh new approach. 


as for you personally just do what you can each day to try and make things better but dont feel like this whole issue is yours to solve alone and dont stop living right now because of what may happen in the future but do things you love doing then you wont feel you have wasted anything. 


again sorry if this is "too much" but i dont think it does anyone any good to ignore what is going on but thats just my opinion. 

Re: It feels like there’s no point

@DruidChild I also worry about the state of the world and wish there was more I could do about it. I'm becoming vegan and always use a keep cup instead of a disposable one, which I think are just a few of many small but powerful steps we can all take.

Thinking of you and here to listen always! Smiley Happy

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: It feels like there’s no point

Thanks so much for your thoughtful replies everyone @missep @letitgo @Eden1717 Heart I appreciate it more than I can say Smiley Very Happy

While I can see there’s a lot of good people doing good things and there are even things I can do, I’m just feeling so much grief at the moment. It’s weird and totally out of proportion. At least my compulsion feelings have died down. It’s stupid (especially since I’m only in my early twenties!) but I’ve been really sad that I’ll never be able to have children. I saw this toy rabbit, like an Easter toy, at the shops and I was just crying last night because I was so sad I couldn’t buy it. Because it felt like if I could just hold it and cuddle it like I’d hold a baby I’d be okay. 

I don’t think you’re being too negative Eden, I empathise with what you’re feeling. Good on you all for taking steps to reduce your impact on the environment Smiley Happy 

Re: It feels like there’s no point

Hey @DruidChild 


I'm glad you've found everyone's responses on this forum helpful so far, and that knowing of their efforts has brought you some joy. It's good to see that you, too, are considering the environment. 


I am slightly confused when you say you'll never be able to have children, though. Can you please elaborate? It seems this is causing you much distress so I'd like to understand what you mean a little better. 

I hope you've had a good weekend so far Heart

Re: It feels like there’s no point

Thanks @TOM-RO. I just’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately? And in the past there have been a lot of reasons why I felt like I wouldn’t be able to (horror stories of BPD mother’s having kids taken away for no reason, government adoption programs prioritising heterosexual couples) but fully facing the extent of current and future ecological damage just clinched it for me. While I wouldn’t judge anyone else, I couldn’t subject a child to a life in a place that isn’t sustainable. Some people think we have less than 100 years of comfortable life on earth left...that means it’s going to be uninhabitable in my children’s lifetime. I realise that’s stupid and I don’t need to think about it and some people have real problems to be sad about, it’s just adding to my feeling of life isn’t going to be worth living. 

Re: It feels like there’s no point

Hey @DruidChild . I just read through all the posts and I think I am all caught up. I feel like I can really relate to how you a feeling in regards to our attitudes towards caring for the earth and how it seems most of humanity doesn't share our same views. But it is people like you, and from what I have read from your posts, that truly prove that there are people out there who do care and are making steps to make a difference every day. I found it really interesting because there are people actively going out and making documentaries, speaking to people in the public and really raising awareness, which I think is awesome!! You have such a good soul to care about the earth so much and I am really sorry that we live in a society where the big leaders, and others, are not quite there yet. I am going to remain optimistic because I believe that things will begin to change, because I have seen small changes all the time. Little steps are happening all the time. 

I am also a vegan myself and am constantly learning new ways to be environmentally friendly. Do you have any good ways you like to be environmentally friendly that you might like to share with us here, or even irl people? Even just presenting ideas to people can help inspire people to make a difference and every person makes an impact, like a ripple effect! I'd love to hear what you think about that.


Again - I am really sorry that you are feeling super down about this and feel like there is no point. It is so hard because there is still so much work that needs to be done and for other people to "wake up" and see the issues that you care so deeply about. How are you feeling today? 

I'd love to talk about eco friendly strategies to get the message out there to people in my community, friends and family! 


I agree with @letitgo @TOM-RO @Eden1717 @missep . Nice job guys!

Re: It feels like there’s no point

Hey @DruidChild , this is such a huge issue and a very legitimate way to be feeling! 

I just want to completely support what everyone else in this thread has said - we have a brand new piece on content on Climate Anxiety here - this is a growing cause for anxiety in young people (and all people) and it is not in any way stupid. There are a few practical things you can do to feel more powerful in this situation, while also taking good care of your self, and disconnecting from the issue when you need to. 

You mentioned that other people have "real problems to be sad about" , and I just want to validate you that this is a real problem as well. If you can be as compassionate and kind to yourself as you can through these feelings that might take away the additional layer of guilt you might be feeling for having these thoughts in the first place Heart


I also want to offer a thought that is helping me with similar feelings - even without climate change, and other issues in the world, human life is fleeting- and our lives are never forever. This means that the same ideas about enjoyment, taking risks, and living a life that aligns with your values with the knowledge that you will definitely die one day,  also apply to the particular threat of climate change. We still have to live our lives in the present, and try to focus on the things we can change, improve and enjoy every day- like our relationships, our perspective, and noticing beautiful things! 


Hope you're doing ok today. Thank you for bringing this up, as I know its something lots of us are feeling. 




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Re: It feels like there’s no point

@DruidChild   - just started this thread over here if you'd like to contribute. 


I'm leaving ReachOut on the 5th of June Smiley Sad Say goodbye here