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Re: It feels like there’s no point

It’s so frustrating right @mspaceK?? 

I just play the free pocket camp version on my phone! Smiley Very Happy I actually ended up going for a walk and washing up, now maybe I’ll take a break and watch something for a bit, I have to cook dinner soon. 

That sounds fun! I hope you enjoy your dinner, thanks again for your help this afternoon Heart


@Eden1717 thank you. Idk maybe I’m being unfair to her. But it’s definitely not out of the ordinary with psychs, I’m so sorry you’ve had negative experiences too Smiley Sad Hugs. Thank you for replying and empathising Heart


Re: It feels like there’s no point

@DruidChild I have to seriously check it out on my phone at some point now! Hahaha, thanks for that!


That is super productive Smiley Very Happy I am glad you decided to go for a walk and get out there!! good work. What are your plans for dinner? 


And you are very welcome Smiley Happy 

Re: It feels like there’s no point

Haha @mspaceK  you’re welcome! Smiley Very Happy

Thanks!! It was very windy. I’m just making chilli with rice, quick and easy!! 

Re: It feels like there’s no point

Enjoy that @DruidChild . I had that last night for dinner and left overs today! it was meant to be. Smiley Happy I have to log off now as I am driving out to dinner. Have a good night! 


I'm always here! <3

Re: It feels like there’s no point

Why is every day a bad day lately? I can't sleep at night until 2 or 3am, I just lay awake thinking about dying. I can't concentrate on anything, I've been looking at the same powerpoint presentation for three hours and I haven't learned anything, I just keep dissolving into tears. 

I feel so angry and ashamed and hopeless, I feel like I've tried everything. I want to go back to sleep even though I've only been awake for five hours Smiley Sad 

I don't know if I can cope with class tomorrow. I'm sick of being the crazy girl who cries all the time and spaces out. I want to tell my tutors that I need help, but I don't think there's anything they would do, just tell me to go to counselling. 

I wish I could sleep away the rest of my life. (I'm safe rn though). 



Re: It feels like there’s no point

@DruidChild I'm so sorry that you've been having so many bad days. It really does sound like things are tough at the moment. Thanks for confirming that you're currently safe, what support are you engaging with during this time? Heart


I'm just wondering if you've considered speaking with a disability support worker at your uni? It sounds like you're struggling a bit with your studies, and they might be able to help you approach the subject with your tutors, and put adjustments in place in order to make things easier for you to cope with. What do you think?


I really hope that today's a better day for you, please let us know how you go. Heart

Re: It feels like there’s no point

Thanks @mrmusic Heart I see my psychologist on Wednesday, not that that helps. I tried contacting beyond blue for some advice yesterday but the counsellor just told me that it seemed like I’d tried everything already and there was nothing she could suggest. 


Thanks for the suggestion! Smiley Happy I’m lucky enough already to be linked in with the disability workers at my uni and they’ve been great, I can get extensions through them if I need to. 





Re: It feels like there’s no point

@DruidChild  How are you doing today? Sorry to hear you didn't have a good experience with BeyondBlue Smiley SadIt can really depend on who you're connected with as not every counsellor is the same. Would you consider contacting them if you're feeling like that again?

That's great you have a good connection with the workers at your uni and that you can get extentions - that's always a big relief, even if you don't end up needing them.

Have you tried listening to something when you go to bed like a podcast or some music? I found that was helpful instead of laying there thinking how I wasn't asleep.

Re: It feels like there’s no point

Is anyone around rn to talk? I’m really struggling atm 

Re: It feels like there’s no point

@DruidChild  Whats up?