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It is just me or.....?

Ok sorry to spam the boards tonight but I had to ask is it just me that has a lot of trouble accepting/believing that I actually have a mental illness like I know people are always telling me I do and like I am like yeah ok maybe I do but if I am honest deep deep down my honest belief is that I don't have one and that everyone is lying to me. Like maybe they are all wrong or maybe if I just explained things better they would understand that I am not sick. Like I know I am different but I don't know that that means I am sick.... I don't know I am just really torn and confused and I don't know what to think anymore. 

Re: It is just me or.....?

Hi @Eden1717,

No need to apologise for positing, I'm really glad to see you have been posting what is on your mind and how you are feeling - that's what we are here for Smiley Happy 


The experience of diagnosis in any aspect of health is different for every person. It can be helpful to discuss concerns with your doctor if you feel that a diagnosis does not fit with your experiences and feelings. Sometimes getting a second opinion can be helpful too in clarifying the situation. 

Similar to what you have said, for some people there are periods of confusion, disbelief and shock after receiving a diagnosis of mental health, and acceptance/belief may be a process over time. This is a really common experience for a lot of young people I have worked with before and talking to your doctor about it is a good starting point.


I would be interested to hear from the rest of the community about their experiences around this topic and what their thoughts are. I might tag a few active members to see if they can offer some insight here @Bee @lokifish @N1ghtW1ng @letitgo @missep


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Re: It is just me or.....?

I relate to this @Eden1717 - it's easy for me to think things like 'i don't have chronic fatigue, i'm just lazy,' or 'i don't have depression, i'm just being selfish and feeling sorry for myself,' Just gotta believe that's not true and trust that the medical professionals, although it can be hard sometimes :/

Re: It is just me or.....?

Hmmm that is a tricky one @Eden1717. I know you're not alone in this - there are even some professionals out there who worry that we're 'pathologising' normal human experiences.

For me, sometimes it's about ignoring the label and just focusing on the symptoms. Sometimes it doesn't matter whether something technically counts as unwell, as the cutoff for disorders can be pretty arbitrary. The question I like to ask is "does this make my life harder for me?" if the answer is yes, then that's all I need to know.

I reckon it'd be a good idea to chat to your doctor about this like @Jess1-RO suggested Smiley Happy Let us know how you go Heart
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Re: It is just me or.....?

Hi @Eden1717,
What you described is something I think a lot of people can relate to.
I like what @Jess1-RO wrote about discussing your diagnosis with your doctor and perhaps getting a second diagnosis.
It is a confusing time, that's super normal.
Please let us know how you go Smiley Happy
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