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It is what is

(I don't know if this is the right spot, please move this post if it is not)



I accept my Autism Diagnosis.....I am no longer embarrassed or ashamed about the fact I have Autism. I'm not sure if proud is the right is what it's just a part of me I will have to learn more about.


Now that's not saying it won't lead to me feeling bad about something down the track...because it is a tough thing to live with that causes trouble for people......but I accept it now.


To quote a comedian I like

"You should never feel ashamed about something you can't it mental health or the colour of your skin"



Re: It is what is

Coming to a place of acceptance is a wonderful feeling. I think a lot of our healing lies in acceptance, no longer resisting things. It's quite freeing isn't it? @MemphisBelle I love that quote right at the end of your post. It's incredibly true. Heart



Re: It is what is

@MemphisBelle I'm so glad you've come to a place of acceptance. You are a worrier!

I love that quote, who was the comedian who said it?

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: It is what is


It's a YouTube channel called "I Hate Everything" (it sounds awful, but if you watch it it's much more lighthearted) he presents funny little reviews on movies and rants about annoying things (eg cellphones in movie theaters)....the video is called "I hate Anxiety' where he talks personal experiences...the video was the catalyst that made me accept my autism.


I feel kinda weird, like I'm not braking down crying every couple of nights and having to hide it like I used to.....I'm just sorta like "Damn....this is it now....all righty then".....I never imagined I would get diagnosed like this so it's still kinda a shock to my's hard to describe this feeling.



Re: It is what is

Hey @MemphisBelle,
I think it's awesome that you've come to this place of acceptance with your diagnosis, and I love that quote that you posted! I know that sometimes diagnoses can make you feel overwhelmed and shocked, but the fact that you've come to a place where you feel more accepting of it is such a wonderful thing.
Happy New Year!! :-)

Re: It is what is

@MemphisBelle thank you for mentioning that! I just watched that video and agree 100% with what he's said.

That's a good way to put it MemphisBelle, it really brings out and sums up the process (I think) beautifully.
"I never imagined I would get diagnosed like this" ... "A shock to the system"
Definitely very descriptive Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: It is what is

I think the way that you have come to acceptance is really inspirational @MemphisBelle. I can use the mentality of 'it is what it is' into my own personal life because there are some things in my life I have struggled with and worried so much about! You're really self-aware and it's really awesome to see.