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Its not the same

I don’t feel the joy I did when I was Was young or feel the sadness I felt days ago, now it’s just all plain an as if nothings real, I want to die so I may experience another life or after life where I can feel, I’m not suicidle I just want to kill myself simply because life is boring 

Re: Its not the same

Hi @Irawd, I'm worried to hear that dying seems like an option for you at the moment. Have you spoken to anyone about this (apart from here) ?

It's really important that you connect with someone - either on the phone, or in person, to talk about these thoughts, and make a plan for you to keep safe.  Go here for some numbers you can call right now for confidential support. 


The boredom/ numbness sounds bad. Remember that just as you have felt both joy and sadness before, this feeling will pass. All feelings pass eventually. In the meantime, sounds like you need some extra support Heart

Let us know how you go 

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Re: Its not the same

Hey @Irawd,

Life's definitely hard when we can't feel emotions, ey? Smiley Sad

You mention that you used to feel joy when you were younger... are you able to think of things that used to help you feel happy? Do you have any friends, family members, or even pets whose relationships you value? Humans are social creatures and so I find that social connectedness is a big factor in helping me stay safe.

Please do check out the link @gina-RO posted if you are wanting to die. We're always here to chat, but there are other services which are more equipped at managing suicidality Heart

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Re: Its not the same

Hi @Irawd, I’m sorry things are so difficult. Have you had the chance to check out the link that @gina-RO posted? ❤️


Not being able to feel emotions sounds so tough, and I can understand why you are feeling so disconnected from things. Have you considered perhaps seeing a professional about this? They might be able to give you some strategies that may help. The others have also given you some great suggestions that you might wish to follow.


In the meantime, if you feel you need immediate support, please make sure you check out the link above, or you can contact the following services:

Suicide Call Back Service on 1300 659 467, webchat here

Lifeline on 13 11 14, or webchat here

In an emergency, please dial 000 immediately.


I hope things get better for you soon. ❤️