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Just a little question...

Recently I've been noticing that I have this constant full foggy feeling in my head and chest. I heard this could relate to stress/anxiety and such. But I don't exactly feel stressed, I'm not thinking about anything other than the object or whatever I'm focusing on. Like the tv show or the internet crap. So I don't even know. At the work I just began working at they kept telling me to stop stressing and just breathe through it. I'm thinking what the hell are they talking about. Can you subconciously stress without realising it just seems absolutely ridiculous?

Re: Just a little question...

Hey Endommage,


This sounds like its puzzling you quite a bit.


I'm not a medical doctor so I can't give you a diagnoses. But there are quite a few physical symptoms associated with Anxiety and stress. It can be something like excess sweating and pounding heart or perhaps feeling like you need to vomit. This factsheet mentions quite a few more, so check it out!


However, I recommend going and seeing your GP (aka family doctor) as whether it is a physical or mental symptom your doctor can give you the best answer.


It does sound like something you might want to get checked out. Particularly if it's affecting your day to day life.


Hope it gets sorted soon!

Re: Just a little question...

Hey Endommage,

I had a similar scenario last year, in particular with maths. My teacher kept telling me not to stress. And kept saying I was always stressed. I had no idea what she was on about. Stress seemed to be a foreign concept to me, it was something I just didn't think about. And really i had no clue what it was or anything like that.

I looked through the RO site and found some factsheets on stress and spent a while just juming from factsheet to factsheet, to story back to another factsheet.

Basically while I stressing over the work I wasn't aware that I was stressing over it. I just thought it to being having trouble with it. In hindsight I was getting stressed over it and I just couldn't see it. Now I'm able to pin point when I'm getting stressed, well most of the time Smiley Tongue , and I can take steps to find out why I'm getting stressed and whether I need to take a break or alter how I'm thinking/going about the task.

I hope this has helped in any form of way. Smiley Happy

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart

Re: Just a little question...

Hi endommage

To answer your question "Can you subconsciously stress without realising it just seems absolutely ridiculous"
there is a lot of research in psychology that debates the existence of a sub- conscious mind that can cause us to have the physical symptoms of stress with out consciously knowing why. Its simular to being in a bad mood and not knowing why.

Re: Just a little question...

wow. that's a mind-boggling idea.
so you can be subconsciously stressed without showing or realising that you're actually stressed ?
wait, did i make any sense.
it's just one of those questions that creates a million other questions.

so should we keep things around us positive ?
i read something like happier people live longer and enjoy life more. i guess if we keep things positive than we're less stressed overall. so we should constantly find things positive and consciously do things that make us positive thinkers. so many of the threads hear make you think positive sometimes it's pretty hard to do.