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Just come out of a 3 month hospital admission.

Hi so i have been really quiet lately because i have been in hospital for ages. i am glad to be out because it was truly and utterly awful in there but i cant help but notice that things arent much different to before i went in the only real difference is i have wasted months of my time. i dont plan on going back it didnt help anyway so there really is no point but i am nervous that something could happen. everything is very intense right now especially with my eating issues and also i keep thinking everyone wants to hurt me and my mood is all over the place and i am having trouble with everything and i really dont know what is left to do. i feel like i am out of options and i am annoyed and i feel weird and i want to cry and laugh at the same time and i dont know. i also have a new "diagnosis" (they still havent offically decided but they are going with one for now) and that is making me very uncomfortable and ugh idk i just feel like ranting i am trying to keep busy i guess but i also have a new case worker and i HATE her she is awful and doesnt listen to anything i am just done with the system it is messed up! that stupid hospital is mentally, emotionally and physically abusive and i think i am just mad that i am more messed up than when i went in! mad that is a good word i am very mad! 

Re: Just come out of a 3 month hospital admission.

Hey @Eden1717 I am sorry to hear about the past few months. Understandable to have no interest in going back if it did not help, completely. Is the new case worker one which is mandatory to work with? It's important you have good rapport with your case worker, so definitely keen to hear more about this and maybe figuring out ways that situation can be improved.


You're going through quite a few changes all at once, we are all here to listen and support you through this time you're not alone. You're a wonderful human being, I know this discord must be really challenging, though we all have faith you will get through. No doubt.

And definitely it's okay to be mad, if you want to vent about anything we're here!


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Re: Just come out of a 3 month hospital admission.

@Eden1717 I'm sorry you were in hospital so long. I can relate to it, this time last year I was in hospital for 3 months. It really drained me and the world felt different when I got out.

Why do you think they'll put you back. I know I was scared of the same thing and tried really hard to stay well.

It sucks that you don't get on with your case manager, is there anyone you trust in the department to talk about that with. I know for me getting a case manager I really trusted and worked well with really made a difference.
What about your psychiatrist, do you trust them.

Do you still have your therapist. I found that once I started therapy in July that things have started to shift for me.

I hope you feel better soon mate. Thinking of you
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just a piece of my history
A little less victim a little more victory
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Re: Just come out of a 3 month hospital admission.

@redhead @Bree-RO thanks to both of you for replying. I am still seeing my psychologist yes and i dont think i can get a new case manager at the moment which sucks. i am just finding things really hard at the moment and dont really have many options.  

Re: Just come out of a 3 month hospital admission.

How are you feeling this minute?  Do you have any family support at the moment @Eden1717?

Re: Just come out of a 3 month hospital admission.

@Bree-RO I am feling terrible and no i dont have any support. 

Re: Just come out of a 3 month hospital admission.

@Eden1717 Well for tonight we would really like to support you. What/Where are you feeling things?  Is it tension, anxiety etc? We're here 

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Re: Just come out of a 3 month hospital admission.

@Bree-RO I have said a few things on the other thread i will tag you in it.