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Just found out my Psychologist most likely wont do ATAPS next year

Finally found a psychologist I can work with that has expertise in my disorders whom I been working with for about 4 months just to be told today I am most likely going to get only 10 sessions from my Psychologist as he most likely wont do ATAPS next year due to the amount of required paper work on his end apparently its so much he hasn't even gotten paid for even one session from any of his clients due to this. One of the worst things is he doesn't practice privately as far as I can see and if he did with his qualifications no way in hell would I be able to afford it as he is an Associate Professor.


Sad thing is this one of the main reason he took me off my old psychologist was due to me requiring me way more support then 10 sessions a year my old psychologist was a doctorate and my new one being an Associate Professor who specialises in Anxiety disorders and Asperger's syndrome(Autism) which was the other reason.


Apparently he is looking into other funding systems for me to get the help as at the moment seeing him fortnightly and one of his Psychology students due to lack of sessions I can see him due to funding. Well knowing my luck there's none so I'm screwed (as per usual).


Not sure what to feel as thought being with him as I originally met him when he ran an Asperger's Social anxiety group and took me on as I wasn't getting enough support as I am so mentally damaged because of my childhood abuse and family abandoment (as my mother kicked me out at 15 even thou she knows personally what it is like to be homeless as my mother and I lived in a reffuge for a short period of time after she deforce my father when I was really young (nder the age of 5)), having Asperger's and Bipolar 2 at the same time. Also cant see much of a future for myself as my depressive episodes seem to get soo much worse and having absolutly no one sure I have friends but they seem to all have family except for me as I only hear from mine when they want something or special ocassions (birthdays, Christmas etc).


One part of me see's he really wants to really help me but cant due to government funding as well as being soo damaged. But there is always the otherside I can see I am just money to people at the end of the day.


Not sure what to do as any recovery I feel/hope has to with me seeing him on a regular basis to sort my life out (I know it sounds stupid) as he has seen in me things others havent I guess he has some kind of plan but long term and with he's expertise yeah.


Re: Just found out my Psychologist most likely wont do ATAPS next year

That's a tough situation for both you and your psychologist.


From the info you've shared it sounds to me like he genuinely does want to help but the funding situation makes it difficult for him.


Have you asked him about referrals? Even if he can't help, he's certainly going to know the right people to send you to who can. He's an expert so it's likely he'll know other experts in the same field.