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Just got told i am Bipolar

So about a day ago i got told for sure that i am Bipolar 1. i had been told it was a possibility before this but never told for sure that that was what is going on. i feel strange i dont know how i should feel about this. i am kind of scared because it means i could have to take medication on a long term basis. i also dont know if i should tell people or ugh i just dont know what to do.  

Re: Just got told i am Bipolar

Hey @Eden1717 that's a fair bit of information to process, super well done on starting a thread about it.

Have you had bad experiences with medication in the past? I know a few people that manage their bipolar ongoing and live really healthy lives, definitely not all experiences are too doom and gloom. But in saying that, I understand your concerns it's a whole new experience. A few celebrities have bipolar I am pretty sure Demi Lovato and Pete Wentz to name a few. I know it's a lot to take on but RO is definitely here to support you through your concerns. 


Are you seeking any support around the idea of medication?

Re: Just got told i am Bipolar

yes i have had and currently am having trouble with medication i am currently having quite bad side effects and i want to stop but i am not allowed too. i dont know what to do. i am just so over it and i really want to just quit taking it 

Re: Just got told i am Bipolar

Hi @Eden1717,

I am very glad that you brought it up, which means you notice your situation and am willing to do something to improve the situation.

So, Bipolar 1, I do not have much specific knowledge about it, but do you mind to tell what do you think about this diagnosis? Was it a shock to you or was it more like a "yea I kinda know this is coming" and relief for actually knowing what is going on?

Regarding to medication, I can see you have having a bit of a trouble with your current medication(does it interrupt your daily life?), have you discussed with your GP about it and consider switching to another? Not all medications for everyone so it may take a few trials to find the best.

And to tell people or not, it is tough to decide ain't it? What makes you feel better? Talking to someone or keeping it to yourself? Do you have anyone close that you can trust and talk about this with?

I understand that things can be really tough for you. I am not sure if I have been helpful, but I would like to thank you for all effort that you have done for yourself, take my hug with you.


Re: Just got told i am Bipolar

it was kind of a shock in a way but i did know it was a possibility.  the problem is there arent many different medications to choose from. i think i will tell a few close friends but i am not sure. this whole thing has just thrown me into confusion i dont know what to think or how to feel. 


Re: Just got told i am Bipolar

@Eden1717 I think it's important to talk about side effects you're having from the medication and where to go from there, especially if the side effects are interfering with your life. I think there are a range of different options for medication for bipolar, but your doctor will know more about that. Finding the right medication or medication combination can be tricky. It took me a really long time to get onto the right combination before I was able to achieve stability.

I think it's pretty normal to feel uncomfortable with the idea of telling others about your mental health. You can open up at your own pace, and talk to those who you trust. And you're always welcome to talk on here Smiley Happy

Re: Just got told i am Bipolar

Hey Eden,


I know how you feel as it wasn't until a recent appt with my GP. for some paperwork that anyone had ever put down that I was on the bipolar spectrum. She didn't even tell me. I read it in the paperwork and that's how I found out.


I would say if you don't know where to go research your options before making decisions and workout what sounds like it fits you. You are your own advocate. 


As for telling people, I personally don't - about any of my mental health. I have told those close to me but even then it's short and to the point. I think it depends on the person it is. But at the end of the day people in your corner really do help

Re: Just got told i am Bipolar

@Nat8 I like the concept of being our own advocate.


Great point. Smiley Happy

Re: Just got told i am Bipolar

i talked to my caseworker about side effects today and they are swapping me to the slow release form of the medication and are hoping that will help. i do think it fits me i am just not sure how to feel about it. 

Re: Just got told i am Bipolar


Lol Nursing student, can't help it. Also have a long term condition so am used to having to put my foot down and work out what is really right from me without bias. Definitely a better alternative for me as I feel more informed and therefore in more control too Smiley Happy