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Just need some help

Hi, I am currently going through quite a down and stressful time at the moment. I think I have stuffed up my friendship because I was being too annoying and needy. I am also waiting on my security licence to be approved. However, I am currently un-employed and I have been forced by my job provider to do a 3 week course which I don't want to do. I will admit my depression and anxiety have been acting up lately and unfortunately my psychologist is on holiday till may. So I don't have anyone to really talk to about it. I will admit I am finding it hard to relax and have several things weighing on my mind. I am considering dropping my centrelink payments. However, that would mean I have no income. I am not to sure what to do? I hope I have made myself clear and my apologies if I haven't.


Re: Just need some help

Hey @GentleGiant

Employment agencies are the worst! I remember once they forced me to do a weekly workshop and when I got there I was the youngest, the rest were people in the older generation who spent most of it complaining that they couldn't get work due to the young people. The acted like I was crazy when I suggested they volunteer somewhere, as I had found it so rewarding and despite me being young I didn't have it anything easier than they did finding work. That was not a fun experience I refused to return to that workshop and then from that point on workshops were only a suggestion for me.

I have no idea if you are already doing this but if you're seeing a psychologist there's a chance you could be referred to a disability support employment agency, which just means they will be more understanding of your conditions and will give you more support. 

I would also talk to your job provider about the 3 week course and explain to them that you really don't want to do it and what they feel you will get out of it in the long term. 

I always feel like being on Centrelink is a full time job in itself, but saying that you do get money to live off of so it's worth sticking out the tough parts.


@Beemight also be able to help you Smiley Happy 

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Just need some help

Hi @GentleGiant, sorry to hear you're feeling down. It definitely sounds as if you have a lot going on in your life at the moment.


Why don't you want to do the course that your job network provider is asking you to do?  


Re: Just need some help

Hi @GentleGiant (I really like your username!)
I'm also wondering the same as @Lola-RO why you don't want to participate in the course?

As @ErnisAntics said if you are finding job search to be quite daunting you can opt to see a disability job search provider. Changing to a disability job search provider will ease the stress and pressure on you to look for work. I swapped in 2016 and found it a lot less stressful, less anxiety provoking and they worked with me.
If that is something you're interested in there is a form from Centrelink you would need to get filled in by your GP, they would then set up a meeting with a psychologist at Centrelink. From there they will make a decision whether to approve you to change to disability job search or not.

I've been on and off Centrelink for several years now, and the last stint I've definitely found being placed in the disability job search rather than the normal one so much easier for me to cope with and live a normal life.

I wanted to check how you're feeling now and I hope that this isn't too much of an information overload for you x

Remember you're amazing just as you are Heart