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Just wanted to say......

Im sorry i have no offered much support to others during my time on the foums. I feel a bit guilty about only posting and offering nothing back. I am sorry for this and i would just like to thank you all for being so supportive at this time. I hope that one day soon i can offer back the support this place has given me.


thank you for you time.


Re: Just wanted to say......

Hey tay! There is absolutely no need to apologise - we are a safe and supportive community - it's what we are here for!! Sounds like you could have a bit of unnecessary guilt & negativity going on there.... Maybe you have heard of the term 'self-talk' - you know it's the conversation going on inside ourselves that helps us make sense of ourselves and the world. Know what I mean? Well sometimes it can be skewed to the negative and it impacts our confidence and self-esteem... Read more about it here: and here:

You're a really important and valued member of the RO community, keep on reaching out! Smiley Happy

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Re: Just wanted to say......

Hey Tay,
As Sophie said there is not need to apologize!

Believe it or not I was the exact same when I joined the old forums. I never offered anyone help, I was never able to post anything helping someone else. I got to the stage where I too felt guilty. It's not easy to help others when you yourself are struggling! We all know this, and I would say a fair few would have been in this situation themselves already.
Please remember that everyone copes differently, others find that helping others helps them feel better, for me I find it so much easier to help others when I'm feeling okay about myself. When I'm feeling a bit down, I find it hard to even read others posts asking for help. Everyone is different!

From what I've read of your posts you're doing the best you can. And you know where your limits lie. And I'm sure others will agree with me when I say sometimes we have to be selfish, put our self first, and get help before we can start to help others.

I hope this helps Smiley Happy


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Re: Just wanted to say......

Hey Tay,


Yep, what they said! You just focus on getting yourself in a good place and seeking help for now. As you start to feel more together in yourself you might in time feel like you can offer something of your experience to others having issues.... or you might not. Either way it's totally fine - as Bee said it really comes down to the individual.

Re: Just wanted to say......

You need what you need for you right now.  Smiley Happy

Re: Just wanted to say......

Sometimes you have to put yourself first and although it may feel selfish, it's completly understandable. You can only cope with so much at one time, before something has to give...  Smiley Happy 


Re: Just wanted to say......

WOW thank you all so much for being so understanding at this time.


I just felt ineeded to let everybody know how much i apreciate the advice and support i have recieved. And at the moment i am unable to provide the same thing back so i just though this would be the best way to show my appreciation. And i am holding on to the fact that once things have calmed down for me i may be able to help others or at least just let them know there is somebody who will be thinking of them i guess.....


Thank you so much for the links i will cheek them out when i get a bit more time on the computer.


thank you thank you thank you!

Re: Just wanted to say......

Hi tay 

Glad that you could find the support on the forums and dont feel guilty sometimes its hard to contribute but once you read a post that you relate to it will become much easier and it takes one step at a time and you should be proud of yourself for coming on the forums and wanting to help others as well. It shows that you are not selfish Smiley Happy 


Take Care

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Re: Just wanted to say......

dude you have to look after your self before you can look after others thats the bottom line

Re: Just wanted to say......

Hey tay,


Like many others have said, there is no need to apologise. It took myself a few years and quite a few threads before I even posted back to help someone else. Your own mental health is important too, and a lot of people are wanting to support you. Well done on being able to reach out to others for help and support.


Hope to see you on the forums.