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Leaving school

So, this week is my last week of high school. Yesterday, I could feel butterflies in my stomach, I felt like I was going to be sick. All today, that's all I could feel. I don't want to leave. I'm in this drama class and they are like my second family and I'll be saying goodbye to them. My drama teacher is the best teacher ever and I have to say goodbye to her. I don't want anything to change, I love it how it is. I had to move schools when I was little and saying goodbye was the hardest thing ever and now I have to do it again. I always knew this day was going to come but I just didn't want to believe it and now I have 4 days left of school. Most people hate high school, but it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Because, without it, I would be a totally different person and I would not have all these amazing friends. I wrote a handwritten letter to everyone who means so much to me to tell them that I love them all but it still doesn't feel like I've done enough. I don't want them to forget about me. I don't know what to do?

Re: Leaving school

Leaving school is a big change but change is good! School has been your life for so long and now you're expected to leave it and be all excited for the next stage of your life without feeling sad.

It sounds like you are a pretty awesome person so I find it hard to believe that they will forget about you Smiley Happy

It's great that you have written a letter to all those who mean a lot to you and thankfully its easier to keep in touch with people now with the internet. Have you thought about maybe doing a (private) facebook group and including all those in your drama class, it will mean that you can organise regular catch ups easily and chat to them 24/7. I was able to friend some of my teachers on Facebook once I left school which was good and it's nice to see what they are up too and keep in contact that way.

There's also no rule about not visiting your school once you left and I'm sure your teachers would love to know what you decide to do with your life once you have finished. 

While it may seem scary leaving school remember that you are more than ready for the next stage of your life and it's ok to feel scared and worried about what the future may hold but for now enjoy the present Smiley Happy 

Whatever it takes I know I can make it through!

Re: Leaving school

Hey @Cookiestarr, I had a very similar experience in the sense that I didn't want to leave the community of people that were around at high school. It was a scary prospect and I remember having butterflies in my stomach too.

Could you organise a regular catch up or reunion with your drama class, so you know there'll be some kind of stability in the upcoming months?

What kinds of things usually help when you're feeling anxious? It sounds like it'll be super important for you to take care of yourself over the next few weeks.

Hope to hear from you soon!    

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Leaving school

Hey there @Cookiestarr,

Leaving school is a huge change. I had similar feelings. I was nervous and excited all at once! But it is perfectly normal for you to feel this way because you are right, highschool shapes us and we meet some pretty cool people along the way. 


I think it is beautiful that you hand wrote letters for the people you care about. Have you thought about @letitgo's idea? Organising a catch-up or reunion could be a great way to keep in touch. Or maybe even a facebook group chat. The end of highschool doesn't have to mean the end of friendships. It is kinda like taking the friendship to a new level! (That is how I like to think of it). 


Do you have exams coming up?


Re: Leaving school

Hey @Cookiestarr

How was your last week of school? How are you feeling about everything now?

Re: Leaving school

Hey @Cookiestarr. This is so incredibly normal. I felt exactly the same way when I finished school. I would lurk around the school after classes during those final weeks because I knew it would all be finishing. I was so scared of the change and school was my 'safe place.' It was being taken away.


So how did I manage? I went back and did volunteering at the school. It is a huge transition and 4 years later and I am still volunteering at my old high school and helping out with their programs.  I still see my old teachers and tell them about what I am doing now and it is still a safe place for me. 


It is a big change but it also neans that there are so many new and exciting things on the way. This is the time to start thinking about those passions and all the things your teachers have helped you develop skills for. I also wrote my teachers a thank you appreciation letter. 


And I am experiencing it all again right now as I am transitioning out of finishing university.  My advice is to try and embrace the change but still try to make an effort to stay in contact with those who are important to you. Although  - meeting new people after high school was the best thing I ever did. I have so many new and valuable friends. Friendships change all the time. It's hard but it is also a journey. You can do it! It's okay to be upset. Xx 

Re: Leaving school

Great support @mspaceK!


Hey @Cookiestarr, just checking in to see how you're doing with everything?

// Spiral outward, keep going. //

Re: Leaving school

@mspaceK, Thanks for asking. I'm feeling ok. I've gotten used to the fact that I don't get to see my friends every day but I have been able to catch up with some people over the past week. 

Re: Leaving school

The last week of school was hard but in Drama, we did something for my teacher to say thank you. We put up 200 photos of us on the walls and we had a class party. We gave each other presents and we all got necklaces with our group name on it. Having that around my neck makes me feel like they are never too far away. I'm feeling better as I know that we are going to see each other and I talk a lot to them on facebook.

Re: Leaving school

Glad to hear you're feeling better @Cookiestarr. That necklace with your drama group name on it sounds like a beautiful reminder of the times you shared!

// Spiral outward, keep going. //