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Life Sucks for me.

I hate my life cause its just full of stuff people hate. My parents are over protective and i hate it so much! I'm always depressed and sometimes i feel like i'm not worth living here. I'm always the odd one out.


Here's a summary of my life:

I'm only 14 and from melbourne, victoria. I'm in year 8. My life has never been good enough for me. I actually treated like a poor, worthless kid. Every teenager know this but when your a teen, you just want love. Well, at the begining of the year, i had my first boyfriend. He was a family friend which i really liked. My parents didn't know about this. I had two facebook accounts at that time. One where my dad checks 24/7 and one which i use privately and do things i like. My dad doesn't even let me add boys on it. Thats why i made another account. Anyway, so i really liked him. Everyday he kept asking me if we can go somewhere the next day but i keep having to reject him. Like i said my parents didn't know and he knew that they didn't know and understood straight away. One day he asked if we should go watch a movie together. I said yes because i wanted to meet him so badly. My dad brought me to the shopping centre, the same place the cinema was, and wanted to see my friend before he goes. I lied to him and said my friend and i wanted to watch a movie together, she's my class mate (i go to a all girls school) and that we were really close. The night before my parents had a fight so i suggested my dad to go buy flowers to my mum, i said that so i could slip off. Well i failed. But then my dad forgot his phone in the car and thats when i made my slip. I went outside of the shopping centre while my dad went to get his phone, thinking i was right behind him. Ten minutes late he calls me and ask me where i was, i told him i was inside the cinema and the movie was about to start. I saw him go home and quickly went to see the guy or my boyfriend and we watched the movie.


On Australia Day, i wanted to see him again. We thought about having lunch so i suggested we'd meet up at the local park and go from there. I couldn't tell my parents and i had to go and see him. So that morning i was so stupid, without thinking i got dressed while everyone was still asleep and ran out of the house to the local train station. Caught the train to the closet one to the park. I started wondering around the area while my phone was filling up with missed calls from my parents. I couldn't bare to answer it. I called my boyfriend and he said he was on his way. My dad went out looking for me. My boyfriend said that he'll arrive in ten minutes so i went back to the park. Thats when i saw my dad coming down to me. I quickly turned off my phone and he took it from me and dragged me home. My mum was crazy at that time that she tied me up to the stairs. They both start lecturing me and slapping me. But it got even worser when my dad switched on my phone and my boyfriend called. My dad answered it and my boyfriend asked where i was. my dad asked who he was but he straight away hanged up. My mum read the caler id and figured out who he was, evern though i changed his name a lot to make it look like a girls name not boys. My mum called his mum and told her the whole story and i dont know what happened oon his side but on my side, my dad actually got out a knife and wanted to slaughter me right on the spot. I'M NOT JOKING. I'M DEAD SERIOUS. But then they let me go. I didnt talk to them for a week until my mum couldnt stand it anymore.


ever since then, my life wasn't the same anymore. I get called a donkey, animal, bitch everything. My parents don't care about me, my classmates don't care about me, no one cares about me. I have seious depression problems that it came to a point where i migh start cutting myself. It might actually lead to suicide. Please HELP!! I'm begging. It feels so good to actually come out with what i have done. I'm just not worth it anymore. FML

Re: Life Sucks for me.

Hi Run Duh, you sound like you are in a truly awful situation that is causing you a lot of pain. You do not deserve to treated with physical and emotional violence. There are people out there who can help you and I really want to encourage you to call Kids Helpline on 1800 55 1800. You can use a payphone if you no longer have access to your mobile. If you can't get to any phone, Kids Helpline also offer a web counselling service:


A lot of parents feel over-protective towards their children, and it's common for them to try to stop their kids from dating until they reach an appropriate age. However it's not ok for your dad to threaten you with a knife or to verbally abuse you. You have the right to feel safe and loved within your own home.


Please get in touch with Kids Helpline as soon as you can to get some help in dealing with your situation. And if you are ever in immediate danger please do not be afriad to call 000 for police assistance.