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Loneliness in the "perfect" life

Hi all,

I've recently been going through a rough time where I've constantly been feeling isolated and lonely. I supposedly have the "perfect" life, the nuclear family and a close group of friends. I love and appreciate my friends so much and I know they love and support me too. So why do I feel so lonely and isolated? I don't really see my friends outside of school because I don't enjoy going out. And when I do go out, even when I'm with some of my favourite people in the world I still feel isolated. I often stay up late because I sometimes can't sleep, and some things in my life just haven't been going well, like my job. I live in a regional city with around 50,000 people but I hate living in this place for some reason, I have always just loved the big cities. The town I live in is isolated, just like me. In conclusion, I haven't been my normal bubbly self. I stay inside in my bed on my phone on the weekends and after school because I just don't have the energy to go  outside and meet new people when I know they will just ignore me. I just constantly feel empty sad and like crying all the time. Does anyone have any tips? Should I consider going to the school counciller? I just don't want to seem like one of those girls who say they have depression and anxiety to be quirky and relatable, as they are often portrayed as online.

Re: Loneliness in the "perfect" life

Hi @BlueGem, welcome to ReachOut and thanks for sharing. It sounds like all of this is quite upsetting and isolating for you and is having a major impact on your life. Is this something you have talked to your friends or family about? Sometimes there is not always an explanation or rationale to our feelings.. and that is okay. We don't always have to have the answer Heart Depression and anxiety are issues that a lot of people experience worldwide from all cultures and ages. Regardless of their online portrayal, counsellors and health professionals are trained to take these issues very seriously. This involves non-judgemental and empathetic support. Your feelings and concerns are valid and important. I think your suggestion of seeing the school counsellor is a really great AND brave idea Smiley Happy

Re: Loneliness in the "perfect" life

Hey @BlueGem and thanks for opening up about this heavy time on the forums. Loneliness and isolation can be really rough, huh?

I would say that it could definitely be helpful to see the school counsellor. I saw one when I was in high school and it was a really useful thing to do.

How have you been the past few days?

Looking forward to hearing from you! Smiley Happy

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Re: Loneliness in the "perfect" life

I agree with @Taylor-RO and @letitgo.
I don't have a group of friends, because I'm friendless at school. But, I have seen my school guidance counselor, and she was pretty good. I definitely suggest seeing the counselor. I still feel isolated, and it isn't fun. I hope you're going ok for now.
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Re: Loneliness in the "perfect" life

Hey @BlueGem ,


Thanks for posting Smiley Happy I watched a great episode on SBS Insight yesterday which was about loneliness, and someone mentioned that despite thinking that he had everything together, he still felt lonely. I agree with that, and think that loneliness can happen to anyone, no matter how 'perfect' his/her life seems to be. How have you been lately? What are your feelings around seeing the school counsellor?