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Lonely and Empty

Heyo, I am feeling pretty empty these days and well havent really been making much progress in the friends department. I still feel like I haven't completely got over my break up from a while ago. I am thinking i need some new friends and people that arent just sort of superficial type connections. Like i need some real connections where I can talk honestly about myself. 


I have started uni and I hope this might be the opportunity im looking for but its very difficult to talk to people in lectures or tutorials as everyone is very focussed... and I think its a little rude to try n interupt people. I feel very fragile like just approaching people seems impossible to me:/ I crappy at introducing myself too. Its been so long since ive done this... and now its harder since my world view and personal view has become so whackySmiley Sad

Re: Lonely and Empty

Hey there @Stagnator, not to jump the gun on your post but alot of what you've typed (feeling empty, feeling isolated from ppl/friends) may be the result of some other stuff going on in your mental health.

Can I ask if you have a professional your talking too at the moment?

Break ups are not easy - so much adjustment after the change and grief and loss =(

Re: Lonely and Empty

I decided to stop going to see my counsellor for at least a little while, because I was feeling it was genuinely adding to the stress. I have often experienced different ideas and competing theories when I talk to different proffesionals. On the low end its confusing, on the high end its completely distressing, especially when one has said something that has genuinely meant a lot to you and its has helped you get through something and then your new counsellor tells you that thing was wrong. 


My last interaction was with the relationship counsellor when my ex and I were just clearing things up I guess. He expressed he was concerned with me not having any supports, from friends or close family members. He was right to be concerned in a sense, but I dont realloy think a counsellor could help at the moment, due to them not being my friend yknow? I think I need a genuine friend I can spend time with, outside of paid sessions...

Re: Lonely and Empty

Hey @Stagnator, I'm sorry to hear that you're feeling lonely at the moment Smiley Sad


That's awesome that you've just started uni though, which is basically a giant pool of potential friends Smiley Happy I totally see what you mean about finding it difficult to start talking to people at lectures/in class in the first few weeks, but every one else is probably feeling a bit nervous/awkward too and after the first week weeks, everyone starts to relax a bit more, which might make it easier to stike up a convo after class Smiley Happy Group assignment also helped me a lot to break the ice with people and build friendships with people in my classes! 


Have you considered joining any clubs or activities on campus? This is a great way to meet people who have very similar interests to you! Smiley Happy


Re: Lonely and Empty

Clubs could be good, I suppose I just got to figure out where to find the sign up info. Idek where the damn main offices are at my school. Info is all spread out. Its confusing as hell. I'm lucky I found all my classes so easy. I just been avoiding exploring beyond that I think, first week n all

Re: Lonely and Empty

hey @Stagnator I get where you're coming from - uni can be so confusing and overwhelming. I'm glad you managed to find your classes relatively easily. Have you seen our Uni Student Support Squad thread? You might find it helpful Smiley Happy

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