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Lonely at Work

Hi All, i am a new user still and trying to find my feet.

I did a bit of research that loneless at work is a common problem with put have a social disabiltiy. I notice some work perforamace hasn't improve and this could be related. It hard to talk about this issue with an employer and i have tried an EAP program - no result.

Does anyone have any tips or ideas on fixing this issue?

Re: Lonely at Work

Welcome to ReachOut @Marcus29!

Talking about anything personal with an employer can be hard, even at the best of times. And you're definitely not alone in feeling lonely at work. I've worked in jobs before where I felt very lonely and focussed on busying myself with the work, which while it helped me cope with the loneliness, possibly isolated me further.

Have you thought about giving the EAP line a call again, it's likely that you will speak to a different counsellor who may have a different approach to the last one you spoke to. Sometimes it can be helpful just to talk these things out. Let us know how you go.

Re: Lonely at Work

It feels weird asking the EAP to inform your employer that you are on your own. I don't think an employer is going to keep on asking staff members to ensure that person is ok - it is duty of care of an employer to ensure the health and wellbeing is being meet


At end of the day, you get paid to do a job not socialise with co-workers but if there no social life, what the point of going to work?


I don't if that right or wrong becuase i don't feel it - I only wish, i could tell someone


Re: Lonely at Work

Hi @Marcus29, welcome to the ReachOut forums Smiley Happy


It must be a struggle for you going to work and feeling like you are alone. As you said loneliness at work can be quite common, and it might be for several reasons- your workplace not allowing much social interaction with others, a workplace which requires you to work independently, or just simply working with people who have different interests from you.


I'm really glad you've checked in here on the forums, there are some really wonderful people here who you can write to online, and even hang out with on our Hanging Out section of the forums. I would also encourage you to check out some of out fact sheets which look at loneliness- "I Feel So Alone""All About Loneliness""Avoiding Social Situations". If you like you could check some of those out and ask some more questions here Smiley Happy


Also, great work on reaching out to your workplace's EAP! What do you feel is the hardest thing for you when you try to connect with others at work?

Re: Lonely at Work

Hi @Marcus29,

Just wanted to check in on you and see how you are doing? 
How's the situation now?